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Here are the This World stories from the Americas, sorted by date, from January 2004.

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This World charts the rise and rise of the Hells Angels and investigates links with violent, organised crime.

Why some teenagers across the US are saying no to sex before marriage.

When William J Bratton was sworn in as chief of its police department, LA was the homicide capital of America. Can he curb gang violence and reduce the murder rate?

Stopping the international child sex trade in Costa Rica.

In New York City HIV positive children are being subjected to experimental drug trials.

Desperate US parents are sending their troublesome teenagers to tough boarding schools overseas, but many have had second thoughts when they discover just how tough these schools can be.

Who should take responsibility for private military contractors when things go wrong?


Rock star Salman Ahmed explores what it really means to be Muslim American.

Thrust into chaos by Katrina, why were the people of New Orleans so vulnerable?

Paul Kenyon heads deep into the Colombian rainforest with an elite anti-narcotics unit.

Brazil's environment police get tough with illegal loggers and put their own lives at risk.


Every 48 hours in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, someone is abducted. Last summer, kidnappers started targetting footballers' mothers.

In 2005, 665 women were murdered in Guatemala. Why are the guns and the knives being turned on women?

The untold story of almost 7,000 inmates trapped in a US prison as it flooded after Hurricane Katrina.


The story of a 12-year-old girl who, in August 2005, was caught smuggling one kilo of cocaine paste in Bolivia.

Around 8.4 million children are enslaved today. Now, five of them tell their stories.

Cuba's music is not only at the core of its national identity, but also the heart of an international legal battle.

The impact pilgrims, miracles and saints have on the emotional and financial power of today's Catholic Church.

Racism goes on trial in America's deep south as six black youths are charged with an alleged attack against a white student.

This World reports on the human cost of the sub-prime mortgage crisis in America

This World's John Sweeney investigates just how good the controversial President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is at running his own country.


This World returns to Louisiana where a trial involving six black students has brought the subject of racial discrimination in America's Deep South to worldwide attention.

This World reports on judicial execution by lethal injection. It travels across the US to meet prisoners on death row, their families, doctors, lawyers and the judge in a key case. One year after the worst mass-shooting in US history, This World goes back to Virginia Tech to investigate why the 23-year-old killer carried out the attack.


Willard Foxton, whose father killed himself after losing his life savings in disgraced US financier Bernard Madoff's fraud, heads to the US to investigate the crime.

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