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Here are the This World stories from Africa, sorted by date, from January 2004.

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Twenty years after the 1984 famine, twice as many Ethiopians face starvation.

Two young boys search for football's fast-track to fame and fortune in South Africa.

Theophile, jailed after killing his Tutsi wife's family 10 years ago, now wants her back.

Why President Mugabe is turning international aid agencies away, when some Zimbabweans are starving.


White farmers in South Africa still own 75% of the country. And more than 1,500 of them have been murdered in the past decade.

Is your medication the real thing? This World investigates the counterfeit drug trade.

Olenka Frenkiel investigates Mauritania's love affair with female obesity and its crippling effects.


This World goes behind the scenes at sub-Saharan Africa's biggest selling daily paper which attracts readers with lurid and gory stories.


Around 8.4 million children are enslaved today. Now, five of them tell their stories.

As Zimbabwe's political and economic crisis deepens, victims of President Robert Mugabe's violent regime are being forced to flee for their lives.

This World meets the first all-female unit of United Nations peacekeepers, who have been based in Liberia for six months.

This World gains exclusive access to a Sharia court and its characterful judge, Judge Isah, in the state of Zamfara in northern Nigeria.


This World asks whether Charles Taylor's trial will finally bring accountability and good governance to the people of Africa.

This World travels to Africa with Duncan Bannatyne, to find out why a rising number of children there are smoking.


With the worldwide Anglican Church on the brink of a historic split, This World goes behind the scenes with the key players in the splinter movement.

This World gains rare access to one of the world's most admired statesmen, Nelson Mandela, after years of retirement from public life.

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