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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 September 2007, 11:04 GMT 12:04 UK
This World wins an Emmy
This World has won the News International Emmy for Current Affairs at an awards ceremony in New York.

Porters wheel a body into ER
Baghdad: A Doctor's Story was broadcast in October 2006
Filmed exclusively by an Iraqi doctor in Al Yarmouk Hospital, Baghdad: A Doctor's Story (Guardian films for This World, Producer Ben Summers, Executive Director Louise Norman) reveals the terrible conditions of a civilian emergency room in Baghdad.

It illustrates how sectarian violence is tearing the city apart as ambulance crews go from one dangerous mission to another.

This is not the first time Baghdad: A Doctor's Story has received acclaim this year. It was specially commended at The One World Broadcasting Trust Media Awards in June, where the judges also took an "exceptional" decision to award the TV Documentary Award to two films - both for BBC Two This World.

Double award

Coca mountain
The 12-year old Cocaine Smuggler was broadcast in January 2007
The trust said they faced an "agonising discussion" about coming to a shortlist as they "had never seen a set of such outstanding programmes - it was extremely difficult to choose the final three, let alone the winner."

In the final choice they decided both The Tea Boy of Gaza (Raw productions for This World, Director Olly Lambert) and The 12-year-old Drug Smuggler: This World (Director Benito Montorio) should both take the final prize.

The Tea Boy of Gaza - the film "challenged preconceptions"
The judges said: "Both films took the viewers into unfamiliar territory, challenging our preconceptions, gave access to a wide range of local voices, and found ways of integrating the broader political picture into the story they told which showed the impact of the West on the developing world."

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