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Doctors in an operation theatre in Baghdad

Baghdad: A doctor's story, was broadcast on Tuesday, 24 October, 2006 at 2150 BST on BBC Two.

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I was unprepared for such a powerful and insightful account of the situation in Iraq
Alex Stevens, Horsham

Last night's programme was extraordinary. This is why we have television, this is the kind of thing we should be seeing. I honestly can't praise it enough. Congratulations to everyone involved.
Leila Rasheed, UK

I'm a TA soldier who has done two tours in southern Iraq. This programme reminded me again of the heartbreak of Iraq. Many Iraqis I've met I've really liked. They are incredibly spirited and unaccountably ready to laugh and smile, as was well illustrated in this documentary. Many Iraqis show incredible bravery, especially their ambulance and fire service workers. We MUST help the Iraq people in everyway we can, because their situation is as a result of our actions.
Graham, Lowestoft

I sometimes feel I would like to write to programme makers/broadcasters but rarely do. On this occasion there was no question. This was an extraordinary piece of journalism and film-making. It forced my brain to address the experience of chaotic and sectarian violence that has replaced Saddam's rule. The scene in the taxi moved me more than anything. I find it hard to admit, but until now I have not emotionally engaged so fully with the experience of ordinary Iraqis so many miles away from our safety in Britain.
Zac Beattie, UK

It was shocking to see how many people are being killed or injured in all the troubles in Iraq. I thank you for helping me understand what is going on there and only wish that the programme was on BBC One and then a few million more people would understand what is going on as well.
Frank Jones, West Sussex

I was unprepared for such a powerful and insightful account of the situation in Iraq. It is harrowing to see how helpless the people are against an unseen enemy. This is a true eye opener and must be shown again with better publicity.
Alex Stevens, Horsham

I was in tears all the way through. What a heroic piece of filming and congratulations BBC for airing an essential truth. The doctors and porters are clearly extraordinary individuals who are barely surviving to save lives in a hell on earth.
Susan Sinnett, Amsterdam

I watched it in frozen horror, unable to stop the tears cascading down my face
Varvara Black, Lytham St Annes

Thank you, thank you for showing this honest, courageous and moving programme. Please do show it again and again - we need more of these reality checks.
Christina, London

I work as an ER doctor in a busy London hospital. After seeing this programme I have been humbled. The staff in the hospital and others like it are real angels. This programme needs to be shown again with better publicity.
Doc, London

A top class programme. A harrowing, involving and personal account of life in Baghdad at the moment. We just don't see this kind of programme and this version of events from this war zone. For the bravery of all those who took part, thank you. The BBC should have this on repeat. Please continue to show it.
Ronan, Dublin

What a magnificent programme. I watched it in frozen horror, unable to stop the tears cascading down my face.
Varvara Black, Lytham St Annes

Please show this programme again at prime time. The content is so shocking and appalling. I believe that some people in this country could not possibly imagine the true horror.
Debbie Hitchcock, Hull

I feel I want to share my thoughts on this film but everything I think of cannot convey the deep sorrow I feel for the men, women and children, like you and me, who have to cope with such an atrocious situation.
Natasha, Exeter

An excellent programme and all credit to those that made it and appeared in it. This is a programme that all those who advocate we cut and run from Iraq should watch. We have a duty to stay.
J W Randall, Edinburgh

That was what makes the licence fee worth it
Ed Flack, Norfolk

I was immensely moved by tonight's episode of This World. I was surprised to see such an insightful documentary on the troubles in Iraq on the BBC due to the restrictions on Western media in the country. The use of an Iraqi doctor as the journalist allowed this programme to fully explore what life is really like in Baghdad. It has changed my view on Iraq and I will rave about it to my peers.
Chris Rush, Glasgow

This programme contained unbelievable suffering and bravery in fairly equal measure and deserved to be seen by a large audience. All those connected with producing it should be proud. For me it also gave some idea of why Iraq is like today.
Matt, Nottingham

I am truly grateful to the BBC for airing this documentary about the atrocities in Iraq. My only regret is that it was screened at 2200 instead of say about 2000 or 2030. Thanks nevertheless for showing this.
Councillor Filly K Maravala, Essex

I sat with tears in my eyes while I watched this programme. Sadness, anger, frustration! Thank you for making and showing the programme. Good luck to the doctors, nurses, porters and everyone else giving their all to help the people of Iraq, while at the same time making themselves targets for doing just that.
Finn, Manchester

Great documentary. Wish the BBC would find a way of getting more high quality stuff on Iraq.
Michael Gilligan, London

That was what makes the licence fee worth it. Can't stop shaking. On one level, I am impressed by the style of reporting. On the another, I just felt ashamed.
Ed Flack, Norfolk

Excellent work from the doctor who had the guts to film it
Maria, London

I hope that those who said that the British should pull their troops out realised after watching this documentary that this is not an option.
Ahmad, Nottingham

I am sure I was not the only one who sat weeping at the horror, the chaos and the bravery of the people and doctors working in conditions that are literally hell on earth. How can things have got so bad? What can ordinary people like me do to help stop this bloodbath now and help the Iraqi people live decent, free lives? I have never emailed about a programme before and thank the BBC for broadcasting a film that showed the reality of life in Iraq today after Western "liberation".
Jo, Gloucester

I am still wiping my tears. I will always remember this documentary. Excellent work from the doctor who had the guts to film it.
Maria, London

The heroism and humanity of the doctors and the documentary makers should be a lesson to us all.
Gwynfor Tyley, St Albans

I am ashamed to say I only caught the end of the programme but even the small amount I watched had such an impact on me that I had to write something. The Shia woman who lay injured in the back of the ambulance crying out for Saddam's return spoke volumes of the situation in Iraq. Why are we not being shown translated footage of real people in Iraq and their opinions more often? I praise the makers of this documentary and thank them for taking the time to show us all here in the comfort of our own homes the true horror facing the people of Iraq.
Russell, Cheltenham

What a shocking film. It made me sick to the stomach at the appalling conditions the emergency services and doctors had to work in. Why has there been no inquiry to establish where the money has disappeared to which was allocated to improving Iraqi hospitals and infrastructures? I feel ashamed to be part of an alliance that has brought this situation on my fellow man.
Mary, Warrington

Thank you for this moving film, we need more like this to help educate us about the suffering of these people. We must not forget this is going on and this film reduced me to tears.
Paula, Essex

I was profoundly moved by the sight of a 7-year-old being treated without pain relief and by the sight of a grown man weeping over the death of everyone in his area following a bomb. Bombings and shootings are the norm and seem to be treated with a level of resignation. I find it difficult to imagine living in constant fear.
Wendy, Daventry

My heart goes out to the Iraqi people who are suffering and to the wonderful, brave doctors in the hospitals
Rachel, Cardiff

A hard-hitting story that really brings home the suffering and living hell that is life in Iraq. It is terrible what is happening but how will it be sorted out? The Americans and the British are talking of pulling out and what then for the innocent people who are left?
Michael Morrison, London

I am a doctor and after watching these scenes in Iraq and the working atmosphere of these hospitals, I have to say that the Americans and the British should think and at least give some help and security to these hospitals.
Misbah ul Haque, London

The bravery of the medical staff has to be commended. It must be an absolute nightmare every single day. The poor boy who had adult drains pushed in to his chest, to drain the blood/fluid from his lungs, along with other people suffering dreadful injuries brought me to tears, as it must have done many others who watched this harrowing programme. I just wish it would come to an end.
Joan O'Neill, High Wycombe

I was really moved by this programme. My heart goes out to the Iraqi people who are suffering and to the wonderful, brave doctors in the hospitals. I really do hope that one day there is peace in Iraq.
Rachel, Cardiff

Tonight's programme should be broadcast again and again and again. People should be made to watch this. I hope Tony Blair watched this.
Jimmy Pretty, London

Having been to Iraq myself I am pleased that someone is willing to show the true horror of daily life for the average civilians. Mainstream media does not seem to be able to express the tragedy and scale of violence that has been going on for so long. Thank you.
Hayley, Newcastle

An excellent documentary. A tribute to the staff of Baghdad ER. A damning indictment of UK policy towards the Middle East. Is this a fair price to pay for the militarist export of democracy? I think not.
Sean Sleeman, Manchester

Thank you for a true picture of what is happening in Iraq
Mark Webb, Dublin

I feel so helpless after watching this programme. We in the UK are living in total ignorance of the problems in Iraq and it is a real blow to see the reality. All of the people featured in the programme were such kind and genuine people and I do not know how they managed under such extreme circumstances. What can we do to help them?
Natalie Forster, Colchester

Such programmes should be compulsory viewing for people who care but don't know understand such diabolical situations. A masterpiece.
Jane, London

An incredibly brave and intense piece of film-making.
David Piggott, Brighton

Nearly in tears a few times throughout this programme. Oh what a mess we have helped create in Iraq. Respect to those that took the risk to record the events.
James, Scotland

My God, such a powerful film. You hear this stuff on the news every day, but to actually see Iraq from the inside, and the amazing work of these doctors, it's overwhelming. What wonderful people they are, how utterly giving. It puts your own life in perspective.
Chris, London

Thank you for a true picture of what is happening in Iraq. Tony Blair, George Bush and all those that supported this war should be forced to watch this programme. How do they sleep at night?
Mark Webb, Dublin

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