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Last Updated: Friday, 29 September 2006, 13:49 GMT 14:49 UK
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View of the Bay of Haifa

Thank you for your views on Will Israel Bomb Iran?, broadcast on Tuesday, 10 October, 2006 at 2150 BST on BBC Two.

The comments published on this page reflect the balance of views we received.

Message from the director: This World: Will Israel Bomb Iran? is an exploration of the Israeli mindset when it comes to Iran. While the Iranian perspective was clearly stated, the production team was at pains to place the so-called "existential threat" from Tehran against the backdrop of Israel's social and historical beliefs. This was in the belief that Israel's approach to Iran can only be understood through a careful investigation of Israeli perceptions. As the film states in its opening section, "Israel's military and political leaders are convinced that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. This is the inside story of their thinking on how and when to deal with that threat."
Chris Boulding, director, This World: Will Israel Bomb Iran?

Thank you for an excellent programme which sensibly limited its comment to a single issue - the nuclear threat from Iran against Israel. The reality is grim and difficult to foresee a resolution. This is potentially the most serious short term problem that the world faces. The prospective scenarios don't bear thinking about. Iran proceeds to develop a nuclear capability with the intention or annihilating Israel. Israel takes pre-emptive action which will rapidly escalate into an all out global war. To assume that Ahmadinejad is not serious about Iran's intentions, is to fall into the same wishful thinking that failed in the 1930's.
Philip Wre, West Sussex

A frightening insight to what, perhaps, many have feared might be on the horizon. Iran's president is bellicose and threatening, but the fear is that whether he means it or not, Israel, which feels isolated and threatened anyway, will strike because it will feel "it has no alternative". The really frightening thing is the window of peace may only be until next summer according to the comments of the Israelis on your programme.
Mikalis Leventis, Surrey

Given the threats made by Iran to wipe Israel off the face of the map I cannot believe that Israel is likely to allow much further time in remaining vulnerable. Apart from the nuclear threat, Iran has shown by supporting Hezbollah in the July war that it is aggressive and serious. People's lives are at stake. Who would not strike first in such circumstances?
Ian, UK

At last, thank you for a balanced telling of Israel's point of view. The threat Israel faces from Iran's nuclear programme is terrifyingly close at hand. Anyone who had truly believed Iranian statements they are not developing nuclear weapons, must surely now question those claims. For one UN member state (Iran) to actively call for the obliteration and destruction of another UN member state (Israel) should be a cause of great alarm and ultimately action.
Lisa, England

Tonight's programme - Will Israel Bomb Iran - was a PR coup for the Israeli government. It was tantamount to brain-washing the British audience with the pro-Israeli position. I am shocked that our BBC should ladle out such US-backed pro-Israeli militaristic apologia without any balanced analysis from the perspective of the Iranians, of the Arab populations of the Middle East, nor of the large part of the Israeli population which abhors the policies and actions of the Israeli war machine. Is the BBC doing the work for the US-Israeli axis and softening the British up for the Israeli attack on Iran? I am disgusted!
Vivienne Brown, UK

Israel is the biggest threat in the Middle East and for the stability of the all world! It has got away with everything so far and is obviously able to bomb Iran with a "pre-emptive" strike, term so usefully created by its biggest ally. Will we allow Iran to reply? And by the way, as heard several times in the program, Iran has never said it wants to wipe Israel out of the map of the world, but wants to wipe Zionism out.
Samuel Piedagnel, UK

Your programme was a very naive and in my opinion, nothing but an Israeli propaganda film. Made to justify a pre-emptive strike on Iran by Israel providing they had US backing. There was no mention of the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory or mention of the history of the region. Many events have shaped the Middle East over the last 100 years. You tried to make it seem like this is a cut and dried issue. You tried to make it seem like the Israelis are threatened by Iran for no reason other than religious extremism. Poor journalism made to re-write history.
John Collins, England

I think it would be wise to objectively view the realistic options Israel has. It becomes more obvious how Israel will act when this is considered.
Stewart, England

I feel that Israel has a right to defend itself but does Israel not have a huge nuclear arsenal of its own? During the Yom Kippur war of 1973 there were even suggestions of using nuclear weapons against their Arab neighbours who had made successful initial advances. Why are they allowed to have nuclear weapons when another country like Iran is not?

I think it is a necessary action to bomb the plants. If not Israel, some other country will have to step in since once they have an atomic bomb. It can be used as a bargaining tool for Iran against Western countries as well. There will be no stopping their demands.
Walter Reid, England

I found your programme extremely one-sided - virtually an Israeli propaganda film to justify yet another pre-emptive attack on another country. There were dozens of Israeli spokesmen against just one from Iran. We are being dragged down a path to war after war by a belligerent Israel determined to annex Palestine in its entirety for Jewish settlement - and supplied and financed by the USA. It is the behaviour of Israel and its backers that is provoking Iran into a probable path to the development of nuclear weapons. And all the while Israel itself has nuclear weapons as a constant threat to any country that attempts to prevent the further annexation of Arab lands. British pressure must be brought to bear on Israel to cease its expansionist aims and to come to a negotiated agreement with its neighbours - a settlement that must recognise the absolute rights of the Palestinians. Glorifying US financed Israeli military prowess is completely the wrong approach.
Harry Perry, UK

I fear that Israel needs to act against the aggressionist state of Iran and its repeated statements of intent to exterminate Israel from the map. The Israelis/Jews need to defend their homeland and this entitles them to take out Iran's nuclear capabilities as they currently stand. It's time that the Arab states concerned themselves with the welfare of their people instead of the eradication of Israel.
Concerned, Cymru

I'm not sure this was even an attempt at an independent programme: it seemed more like an in-house video from the IDF. It hasn't really told us anything that we don't already know: ie that the Israelis think that Iran wants to use nuclear weapons on them and that there is a debate within Israel about whether to attempt a pre-emptive strike. It would have been better if they'd also interviewed the Iranian military counterparts and contrasted their views with the Israelis. They should have interviewed independent analysts to give a more objective view about how quickly Iran are likely to develop nuclear weapons. Also, they could have spent more time analysing the implications of such an attack. All in all, it was a very disappointing piece of BBC journalism.
Adam Dadeby, UK

This was the most appalling piece of one sided propaganda I have ever had the misfortune to watch. Where were the Iranian voices, why were Israeli comments allowed to go unchallenged? A new low for the BBC.
Antony Wright, United Kingdom

If Israel keeps up its terror offensive against the Palestinians and other Islamic states then it will always be in the firing line. We forget Israel is an illegal atomic power with a radical government. Should others bomb it in the name of security too?
Dave Kyles, Northern Ireland

Rid Iran of all nuclear capability whether by force or other means.
Grant Roberts, United Kingdom

Care to reciprocate from the Iranian point of view? Thought not.
Bob Duffy, UK

As usual a disgracefully one sided BBC pro-Israeli programme. How about a programme about the genocide/destruction of Palestine by Israel. Or is this not allowed?
Tony Wyatt, UK

As ever, Israel looks to violence instead of diplomacy, part of a self-fulfilling prophecy that the rest of the world hates them. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a madman, but the Israeli politicians here are just as paranoid, aggressive and dangerous. More than ever before, the Middle East crisis is made up of unequal opposites.
Thomas Pen, UK

It is inevitable that Israel has to stop the nuclear threat, as they will be the first target to receive it. They have said Israel will be wiped off the face of the earth and that is what they will do if they don't stop them now.
James Finnie, UK

1. Iran is being threatened by Israel. Does that give the Iranians the right to bomb Israel?
2. An Iranian or Arab nuclear capability will constitute a deterrent able to finally stop Israeli aggressive policies in the Middle East. That IS the real reason why Israel is against the development of such a capability.
Tuma Hazou, New Zealand

Will Israel Bomb Iran?
05 Oct 06 |  This World

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