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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 October 2006, 11:25 GMT 12:25 UK
Will Israel Bomb Iran?
Just as Israel ends one war, is it getting ready for what may be its next armed conflict?

Protester in Tehran, Iran
Tuesday 10 October 2006
21:50 BST on BBC Two

This time, the enemy is Iran, accused of arming Hezbollah's militia and planning to develop nuclear weapons.

This film reveals Israel's view of the threat and gets inside the intensely secret world of the Israeli military, which speaks openly for the first time about what they see as the "existential" threat to Israel, posed by Iran's alleged atomic weapons programme.

Three of Israel's former prime ministers come together on this issue, comparing the danger to a "new Holocaust".

This World gains rare access to Israel's highly protected missile factories and satellite surveillance centres, where the arms needed for any potential raid are manufactured.

As diplomatic efforts over Iran's nuclear programme continue, this film examines the Israeli discussion on whether they should, or could, launch a raid to knock out Iran's nuclear programme.

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Producer: Noam Shalev
Director: Chris Boulding
Series Producer: Louise Norman
Executive Producer: Karen O'Connor

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