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At The Epicentre was broadcast on Tuesday, 26 July, 2005 at 2100 BST on BBC Two.

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Thank you BBC for bringing this subject back into the spotlight
Andy Willis, Reading

The words of 11-year-old Hendri - that he was no longer afraid of anything as his world had ended since he lost both his parents in the tsunami - upset and affected me so much that he has spurred me on to find out what more I can do than just donate money.

Thank you This World for such an honest documentary.
Lucy Tatton-Brown, Salisbury

I am the father of Joe Kearsley, featured in your film. I wish to thank the producer for publicising the work Joe is doing as this may assist the continued presence of NGOs in the region and the work which is so desperately needed.
David Kearsley, Gloucestershire

Thank you BBC for bringing this subject back into the spotlight. I think most people thought things were getting sorted after so much money was raised.
Andy Willis, Reading

I was very moved by the story. I admire the local community and how, against all odds, they have started to rebuild their lives from nothing. It made me realise how inadequate our good intentions are and making a donation in the comfort of our homes is a long way off what people on the ground actually need.
Amy Barnes, Surrey

The programme last night was amazing. Everything was covered in a very respectiful and kind manner. Excellent work. It reminds people that it is still going on - the suffering and the hardship of trying to rebuild lives and homes and communities. Thanks.
Maria Keaney, Republic of Ireland

I credit the BBC for bringing these and other issues that still exist throughout the world to people's attention
Carey Farrell, London

After watching tonight's programme I feel devastated that more aid has not reached places like Lampuuk. What can be done to ensure funds are put to good use to provide basic aid to these communities?
Jane Hall, Wakefield

It was a very interesting programme. My heart goes out to all those people and I pray that all their building ventures will succeed, that life will go a little better for them and that they will receive the aid they need.
Patricia Walsh, Republic of Ireland

I am a little bit shocked by what I saw during tonight's show. I don't understand how the organisations and governments who were responsible for processing charitable donations to these stricken areas have not ensured that these people have the help they need - and deserve.

I have nothing but respect for the people of Lampuuk. I credit the BBC for bringing these and other issues that still exist throughout the world to people's attention. There is still some good in the media.
Carey Farrell, London

Where are Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr now, when it really matters?
Philip, UK

What a superb documentary which told the truth and as usual, little has been done to help these people. The people of Lampuuk have my full respect in taking matters into their own hands. Well done.
Julie Greene, Republic of Ireland

It is a disgrace that the money raised by caring and thoughtful people around the world of all colours, race and religions is being kept from where it is needed the most. Thank you BBC for highlighting their plight, and please bring pressure on the powers that be to get this mess sorted out quickly.
Terry Limmer, Coventry

I found the programme very informative and gripping. It filled me with hope and praise for the way people have banded together to help each other.
Faizul Ahmed, London

A very moving programme. The local people are to be applauded in their determination to rebuild. The government, I feel, has let them down. Bricks and mortar should be sent with the aid money - not advisers.
Richard Treuherz, UK

These brave dignified people are a lesson to us all on how to be loyal members of a community
Jj, Manchester

Fascinating programme - amazing stories and strength shown by the people. But whose job is it to make sure the money for houses and boats gets through? Where are Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr now, when it really matters?
Philip, UK

I think the BBC should be congratulated on making programmes such as tonight's This World documentary. The programme told the story of how everyday people have responded to their village being obliterated by last December's tsunami.

It is truly remarkable watching these people slowly trying to rebuild their lives and their community. The surviving villagers of Lampuuk appear to be abandoned. I feel humbled by their courage and desire to fight on, despite everything.
Jonny, Cambridge

These brave dignified people are a lesson to us all on how to be loyal members of a community. We once had that in the UK, but it's long gone nowadays. My good wishes to the lovely people of Aceh.
Jj, Manchester

This really was a heart-warming programme
Sidhra, Slough

My heart bleeds for the people of Lampuuk, the aid is there, the support is not. Political pressure must be brought to bear in these regions.
Fay Green, East Sussex

The documentary tonight about Lampuuk was very good and well presented. What a refreshing change to see a place as it really is (no wobbly cameras or intrusive music!) After this I feel I have an understanding of the locals' plight there. Thank you.
Bob Burwell, Middlesbrough

This really was a heart-warming programme. It reminded me of all those victims that I had totally forgotten about. It made me realise how fortunate I was and how I take such things for granted.

The deepest of admiration is felt for Anita and the rest of those survivors still trying their best to make the most of their situation. Their faith was also amazing. I thought the documentary was excellent!
Sidhra, Slough

Brilliant programme! Very thought-provoking. It is easy for us to give cash, but getting the right kind of help to where it is needed seems too hard to achieve. The resilience of these people is amazing. I felt I had begun to know a small community by the end of the programme.
Dr Diana Forrest, Manchester

A very thought-provoking documentary - balanced and very informative
Maryam Khan, Birmingham

I thought the documentary on Lampuuk was brilliant - very moving. I had to hold back the tears.
Phoebe Riordan, UK

I have just watched this documentary and I can only feel angry to watch how these people are trying to rebuild their homes and their lives. My question is what has happened to all the millions of pounds that was raised during the Tsunami Appeal? Where is the international aid?
Marilyn Hearn, Milton Keynes

Such an interesting programme. Please, please show more like this! Great camera work and excellent to see the story told through the eyes of a few individuals. Well done.
Steven, London

A very thought-provoking documentary - balanced and very informative. Great piece of programming!
Maryam Khan, Birmingham

I was very saddened to see that all the talk and hype of so much money raised in funding has not helped these poor people one bit.
Godfrey Day, Plymouth

I came home from work today a bit fed up. Just seen your programme and wow - I really need to have a life check. Those poor families trying to survive is heartbreaking. Plenty of candy but no bricks and mortar. The human spirit lives on.
Ian Lander, Hastings

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