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Blood and Land was broadcast in the UK on Tuesday, 5 July, 2005 at 2100 GMT on BBC Two.

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Farmers will always be attractive propspects for criminals due to their remote locations and the certainty that they will have cash and firearms on them. The government needs to be quick, democratic and even-handed in sorting this mess out.

Their primary objective should be to use the available land for feeding and sustaining the nation, while earmarking special areas for historical and ancestral consideration.
Richard Hodgson, Salisbury

What is the world going to do about this? We cannot know about these happenings and not do anything about them! As I am a South African from a farming background, I know that the majority of white South Africans have no problem with organised land reform. But we do have a problem with farm killings.
Wesley Burgess, UK

It is amazing these facts are not more widely reported.
Alex Softley, London

It's a very sad day in the world, from whichever way you look at it. But I'm sure that murder with no motive is not the answer.

How can anyone in the world give back what is paid for? I'm sure the Americans won't abandon their country and return to Ireland/Britain, to return the land to the Indians, the same for the Australians and New Zealanders.

This needs to be addressed by the world by applying pressure on the South African government to resolve it in a non-violent way. If this does not happen in the near future there will be no more minerals, agricultural products etc, available for the world.

Your excellent film makes it quite clear that the black population has a profound and grievous claim to its land. Equally there are many white farmers who have farmed the land for many years and productively, providing work and income to both communities.

The transfer of ownership must be done fairly but above all, must be done quickly otherwise the situation you have depicted will only get worse.
Jeff, London

I watched the programme tonight and can only express my sadness at the horrid state of affairs that South Africa has become. I cried. What is it going to take before the South African president will make a stand and publicly say that enough is enough? People have been murdered, black and white!
Lionel Nightingale, UK

As a South African I have no sympathy for white farmers who refused to redress the criminal gains they received under apartheid. If this situation was happening in Europe, there would be no discussion at all. In fact, compensation would be paid.

We as black South Africans have had to put up with a group of people taking away our land, ancestral burial grounds and any chance of us passing our traditions on to our children.
Kawo, Bromley

Land is still a racial issue, based on the bare facts. While murder for land is never justified, African people have a fair reason to be disappointed and even angry. Much more needs to be done for the plight of the rural poor in South Africa and fair and equal land distribution is one of them.
Elizabeth, UK

Blood and Land
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