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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 October 2005, 10:25 GMT 11:25 UK
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Residents of New Orleans getting around by boat along the main road

The Hurricane That Shook America was broadcast in the UK on Wednesday, 12 October, 2005 at 2100 BST on BBC Two.

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A great programme. Well done BBC for highlighting what most people (with some insight) already know about the Bush administration.
Ann-Marie Ruddock, London

I have to thank the BBC for its coverage of the Katrina fiasco. I was in America shortly after Katrina and watched the news coverage at the time. Few questions were raised regarding the lack of aid being sent into the affected areas. I just wish this documentary was being shown on American TV for everyone to see who was to blame.
Mary Brien, Sunderland

The programme tonight on Katrina was excellent. I sincerely hope the young boy (and others like him) that drove the bus to Texas gets the recognition for what a great act of humanity he did, and not be punished.
Emma Summers, Durham

Just finished watching your excellent feature on the Katrina hurricane. Well done. However, the feeling that one is left with is one of frustration and annoyance that yet again mealy-mouthed politicians and their acolytes seek to side-step their culpability. Once again, well done.
Magnus Kwaszenko, Manchester

An excellent report. The hurricane exposed the underbelly of America... poverty, poor education, inadequate healthcare and short-sighted planning on behalf of Fema and the Bush administration.
Jennie van Ginhoven, The Netherlands

I found the programme up to the really high standards that we are used to from the BBC. I am still baffled by the fact of how it is possible that these people were left to fend for themselves in the "mightiest" land on earth. After all we are not talking about a third world country!
Josef Briffa, Belgium

The president should have done more. After watching The Hurricane That Shook America I was saddened to learn that they knew of this danger and yet choose to ignore the warnings that they were given. My thoughts go to the city of New Orleans.
Darren, Fife

I have just seen the documentary. It has moved me deeply.
Zdenka Krajnc, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We've seen much of what was shown already on the news bulletins, but your programme brought home the catastrophic ineptitude of the people supposedly in charge.
David Martin, Scotland

The vast majority of people we saw in a desperate situation were black. Now if they were white middle class Americans I'm sure the relief response would have been a lot quicker. America hold your head in shame.
R Weston, Dalkeith

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