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Coming of Age was broadcast in the UK on Tuesday, 22 February, 2005 at 2100 GMT on BBC Two.

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I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and didn't want it to end
Kirsten, Glasgow

Absolutely wonderful programme! Heartiest congratulations to all responsible for making it. Not many of these around. It's like travelling around the world from your couch! I love it! Please keep it up.
Aryavijay, Liverpool

I found myself relating to each character. These are universal themes and help me to remember the pressures younger people around me face. One of the best programmes in a long time and one that will stay with me.
Cailean MacAulay, Glasgow

A very enjoyable and educational programme. Please bring us more programms like this.
Fazal, Sunderland

Very good programming. Too bad it wasn't a series.
Jodi, UK

Outstanding programme. Just shows how some cultures are sticking to their roots in the 21st century. More programes like this please.
Steve Evans, Salisbury

This was the best programme I have seen in a LONG time
Rachel, UK

What a brilliant programme! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and didn't want it to end. Please please please have more programmes like this on BBC Two!
Kirsten, Glasgow

How fantastic! I was glued to the television for 90 minutes and taped the last 60 so I could watch it again. Educational, entertaining, profound, worrying and moving.

Congratulations to the programme makers on this wonderful piece of television and thank you to BBC Two for showing it without a patronising voiceover or over-active egotistic presenter - just the teenagers and the truth of their lives.
Susan Sanders, Edinburgh

This was the best programme I have seen in a LONG time. I caught it totally by accident, but it was absolutely amazing. Really really interesting, captivating and moving. Thanks.
Rachel, UK

What a moving programme.
Catherine Rowlands, Staffordshire

Thank you BBC for making such a very interesting, beautiful programme, with all the respect and integrity these kids deserve. What I found chilling was the horrendous pressure some of these children are exposed to by their parents.

Brilliant work BBC Two - more programmes of this quality please
Gareth H, Bury

I hope these kids can find their own place in life! I am anxiously waiting for the next programme, well done!
Robert Alexander, The Netherlands

Fantastic. I don't normally send comments about TV I have enjoyed, but This World's Coming of Age film was in a different class. Absolutely gripping. The hope and despair experienced by those young people is common to us all, but in such different circumstances. Well done.
Mark Dawes, Glasgow

By far the most interesting programme I've seen yet. Well done!
Marshall Bobin, Hartlepool

That was really good viewing. It's always enlightening to get a glimpse of another culture.
Rachel, Nottingham

This programme alone is worth my yearly television licence
Finbarr Calnan, London

Brilliant work BBC Two - more programmes of this quality please.
Gareth H, Bury

I was blown away at the impact of the ambitious programme about coming of age stories around the world.
Marcus Quiniones, London

Absolutely fantastic. Educational, fascinating and a perfect demonstration of how religions and cultures differ from one another, yet at the same time shows that children, regardless of all this, are essentially the product of their upbringing. This programme alone is worth my yearly television licence. I congratulate the programme makers.
Finbarr Calnan, London

I would just like to say that this is the most wonderful piece of broadcasting I have seen for ages on the BBC - thank you! I regard myself as well travelled, but I definitely learned a lot tonight. Good on ya BBC!
Andy Hardy, Buckinghamshire

It was a very interesting programme, showing the different expectations on young people from different places, cultures and religions, which are all very different from the ones placed on me. Many thanks.
Steve Kyle, London

I simply wanted to log somewhere my view that this programme is one of the best I have ever, ever seen. Bravo for public broadcasting. Congratulations on excellent format and decision to let children speak for themselves. This single programme was worth my licence fee.Thanks very much.
Harry Harrison, Whitstable

As a 15-year-old nearing 16 it was especially interesting
Gabriella Picciano, Purley

I thought this was a good programme. I do believe that we live in an age where traditional values are rapidly being forgotten, leading to a society that has little to hang onto in terms of values and respect.

Young people need the past to understand why they are in the society they are in today and how their society developed the way that it did. In brief, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Anthony, London

A very informative and entertaining look at teenagers around the globe as they struggle to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. Well done BBC.
Tracey Daniel, Dewsbury

Excellent programme. I watched it with my 15-year-old daughter. We were both interested in the differences between the children and how we live here in the UK.

I am also taking an Open University course about childhood and found this a very useful addition to the course materials. Can't wait for next week's show! Well done.
Sarah Glenister, Ashford

The programme was good but a little deceptive. Rites of passage in one country, Russia, were not traditional and most of the others were.
Francis Rainey, Forest Row

An incredible insight into the lives of other young people around the world
Helen Garfoot, Worcestershire

I've really enjoyed this programme. More please.
Tony Yau, Merseyside

I found the programme very interesting and thought-provoking. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time.
Alex, London

Congratulations on an amazing programme. I watched it with my 16 and 13-year-old daughters and we were all entranced. An incredible insight into the lives of other young people around the world. As a PSHE teacher I would love to use the series and share it with my pupils. Thank you and congratulations again!
Helen Garfoot, Worcestershire

Thank goodness I had the good fortune to be born in England. For my 21st birthday I had a meal in a local Greek restaurant. Quite painless compared with the ordeals kids elsewhere have to suffer.
Jonathan Cocking, Middlesex

Coming of Age
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