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The Second Wife was broadcast in the UK on Tuesday, 30 August, 2005 at 2200 BST on BBC Two.

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I really don't know when men are going to be satisfied with just one woman. This is not about love but about power and sex. This is ridiculous and it happens all over the world. They use religion or culture as an excuse and if that is the case why aren't women allowed to marry more than one man if she has money to take care of them?

Men should stop being selfish and stop treating their women like slaves. Muslims say a girl cannot have sex before marriage but the men do it. Why do men think they are above women?

Even in my country polygamy is practised among certain tribes and the women are not supposed to complain. In one tribe the husband does not take care of the wives, they have to earn money to take care of themselves and their children. This tribe practices polygamy in the open but other tribes do it behind their wives' backs.. In this day and age of HIV/Aids, I feel sorry for these women.
Malebogo, Botswana

When people play with a number of girlfriends or boyfriends, why should one raise eyebrows against polygamy?
Dr RC Misra, MD, France

It is unbelievable that this practice still exists in this day and age. I feel complete sorrow for these poor women and children who don't have a say. Also total contempt for the greedy selfish men who continue the tradition of polygamy for their own pathetic reasons. The Turkish government should not be allowed to join the EU until it puts a stop to this and gives women equal rights.
Caroline Dixon, Tyne and Wear

To be allowed to have a second wife in Islam, the groom must first seek permission from his first wife. The groom must be equally fair to all his wives, and it is only allowed in necessity. One is not allowed to marry another women just for fun. It is true that polygamy is practiced here but only in rural regions, and the guys living there don't even know the Islamic rules of marriage, since most of them are illiterate and they do as they have heard.
Murad Karim, Turkey

The real reason Turkey does not intervene in Kurdish traditions is because they want to prevent traditional Kurdish society from joining separatists. Turkey does not want to antagonise traditional Kurds, not the separatists.
Gul, USA

The hidden wives of Turkey
30 Aug 05 |  This World


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