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Charities working in Ethiopia
Ethiopian boy
There are 150,000 orphans in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the largest pre-industrialised society in the world, it is also one of the poorest.

It continues to rely heavily on community workers and relief aid from international organisations.

If you'd like to find out more about the work of charities in Ethiopia, please see the following list of organisations you can contact:

A-CET (African Children's Education Trust)
A-CET is a small charity that sponsors the education of children and young adults. It is currently supporting 70 youngsters with scholarships and trains over 200 people every year to be computer operators in Northern Ethiopia.

Since 1984, as well as providing immediate relief aid, CARE International has been working with communities in Ethiopia to develop programmes focusing on food security, water and sanitation, family planning, HIV/Aids and basic education.

Catholic Relief Services
Catholic Relief Services has been working in Ethiopia since 1958. Their work has included the provision of mother and child nutrition programmes, emergency food, and money to assist people displaced by the Ethiopia/Eritrea war.

CHAD-ET (Children Aid Ethiopia)
Established in 1995, CHAD-ET strives towards the creation of an HIV/Aids free environment and for the well-being of children. It works with similar organisations to raise awareness and set up community projects.

Christian Aid
Christian Aid are an international development agency working with nearly 600 partner organisations in over 55 countries. The main issues it is tackling in Ethiopia are food insecurity, HIV/Aids, water and sanitation, health and education.

Concern is an international aid agency working in 28 of the world's poorest countries on a range of emergency relief and development programmes. Its mission is to enable poor people to achieve major improvements in their lifestyles which are sustainable without ongoing support from Concern.

Ethiopiaid is the only charity based in Britain that focuses entirely on Ethiopia. Its objectives are to relieve poverty and sickness, to preserve and protect health and to advance education among Ethiopians who are in need.

FARM-Africa is a British development agency which has been working with poverty and famine-stricken communities in Africa since 1985. Its primary aim is to provide poor rural African farmers with practical help so they can produce more food for their families. It has several ongoing projects in Ethiopia.

Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia
Habitat for Humanity Ethiopia is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry committed to eliminating squalor and homelessness by building modest but adequate living space.

Medecins Sans Frontières
This international charity provides emergency medical care across the world, as well as training for local personnel in order to rebuild healthcare structures.

Oxfam is a development, relief and campaigning organisation that works with others to find solutions to poverty and suffering around the world.

Plan works in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, and in Lalibela, a rural area in the north-eastern part of the country. They focus on better access to education, improving healthcare facilities and planning for a sustainable supply of food.

Rainbows4children works with Save the Children to bring hope to young people in Ethiopia who continue to suffer from the effects of poverty and disease.

Save the Children
Save the Children is one of the leading providers of famine relief throughout Ethiopia. It has set up many therapeutic feeding centres and aims to ensure that families do not migrate unnecessarily.

SMCF Ethiopia
SMCF Ethiopia raise awareness and funds in the UK on behalf of their Ethiopian partner JeCCDO (Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organisation), who concentrate on long-term sustainability projects.

SOS-Children's Villages
Under the umbrella of SOS-Kinderdorf International, this organisation offers permanent homes, in familiy-style environments, to children who have lost their parents or can no longer live with them.

Tearfund works in partnership with Christian agencies and churches around the world to tackle the causes and effects of poverty. International support programmes have been established in 70 countries world-wide.

Unicef runs a programme in Ethiopia that aims to prevent the rising number of children and mothers living on the streets. It covers 14 major towns in the country, including Addis Ababa.

WaterAid is an international NGO dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people.

World Food Programme
This is the United Nations' frontline agency in the fight against global hunger. It has emergency and development projects in 82 countries world-wide.

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