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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 December, 2003, 12:20 GMT
Ask Michael Buerk: Live discussion
Michael Buerk
Michael Buerk answered your questions about his return to Ethiopia two decades on from the devasting famine of 1984.

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In 1984, millions of people were saved from starvation by the power of television.

News bulletins broadcast horrific images of Ethiopia's "biblical" famine into our homes, and prompted an unprecedented aid effort across the globe.

But 20 years on, there are now twice as many people facing starvation in Ethiopia.

Michael Buerk retraces his steps to the highlands, once plagued by endless civil wars, and to towns such as Mekele which is now home to many of the orphans of the famine.

Michael has reported from more than 50 countries but is best known for his compelling and impassioned reports from Ethiopia.

On his recent return to this impoverished country he questions whether our charitable deeds made the situation better or worse.

The programme was shown on BBC Two at 2100 GMT on Sunday.

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