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Bernard-Henri Levy

Bernard-Henri Levy
I would advise you to strengthen your anti-terrorist legislation.
Bernard-Henri Levy
We asked French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy for his Take Of The Week.

As a Frenchman, it's so strange to see how long it took you to take seriously the extent of the terrorist threat.

Londonistan means the presence in London of preachers of hate preaching freely and openly in average mosques and in the streets.

It's something which has always been inconceivable, unbelievable. The result is that you were so cruelly struck one year ago and you will be - I'm sorry - struck once more.

It's time to wake up

The only question is to know where and when. So it's time to wake up.

So what went wrong in the UK?

You have two great things in this country. One is the principle of multicultural society; the other one is the great principle of free speaking.

"They will sell us even the rope to hang them?

But you have in front of you some guys who decided to use against you these two great principles.

Bernard-Henri Levy

Remember the Soviet leader Lenin who said: "they will sell us even the rope to hang them"?

In a way, it is the same - you are giving them the free speech and the multicultural principle with which they will try to defeat you.

One little thing we understood

So I will certainly not say that we French and Gallic did better, but maybe because we were struck much before there is at least one little thing which we understood.

That is that those guys are really tough guys, and that it will not take them two days or eight or even 28 to open up and to talk.

That's why I am at the end of the day in favour of the principle of the 90 days' detention for suspected terrorists and I would advise you to strengthen your anti-terrorist legislation.

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