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Last Updated: Friday, 30 June 2006, 10:04 GMT 11:04 UK
June 29th
Nick Robinson blogs on BBC One's This Week

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2341 After the disruption caused by the sport, we're with you every week from now 'til the end of July. Andrew opens the show by surmising that the usual scheduler must be on holiday, possibly thereby jinxing the whole business. And he introduces BBC One's very own WAGS who can down a crate of alcopops before you can say "Sven Ericsson". He speaks of course of Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott.

2343 Every day this week, the British military has been in the headlines. We had our first ever Veterans' Day, the 90th anniversary of the Somme, and confirmation that the death of the last-known World War One survivor and the Falklands conflict will be commemorated on a national scale. But the week was also marked by the funeral of a Royal Marine who died in Iraq, and by the deaths of two special forces soldiers in Afghanistan. So what is the role of our armed forces in the modern world of warfare? And do we sufficiently care? We turned to Andy McNab, best-selling author and former SAS Patrol Commander, for his Take Of The Week.

2346 Andy joins us in the studio to discuss his Take.

2355 Having aggravated the scheduler, Andrew takes some time out to insult our audience. "If you've been reading the 'papers this week... frankly, I know you haven't. From your emails, it's clear most of you are still having trouble with the Beano. But just supposing you had, you'd have seen that efforts are afoot to drain the EU wine lake." He then suggests that this would be easy work for Michael and Diane, proving that when it comes to casting aspersions, This Week is equal opportunities. Everyone comes in for some stick.

2357 Andrew complains of the Repetitive Brain Injury he gets listening to Itchy and Scratchy, and decides to call in a real expert. The Beeb's number one blogger and top talent - political editor Nick Robinson - does a very special Round Up - Specs And The City.

0003 Andrew, Michael and Diane discuss the Round Up.

0012 A scurrilous question about her in a chat show, a controversial drama about her son, and more tributes from our PM: if we were to say the name "Maggie" to you, we could only mean one woman. We put the political giant. and cultural icon in the Spotlight, and are joined by the Lady herself (or, failing that, someone who's done some dazzlingly-good impersonations of her, like, say, Faith Brown).

Nick Robinson blogs on BBC One's This Week

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