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Last Updated: Friday, 26 May 2006, 08:42 GMT 09:42 UK
May 25th
Michael Portillo on BBC One's This Week
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2342 Andrew regretfully announces that Diane is away again this week. She'll be returning in her full glory next time; meanwhile, he introduces the Posh Spice and Colleen McCloughlin of political TV: Michael Portillo and Alan Milburn.

2344 This is a week of quizzes, with the Daily Telegraph celebrating its 25,000th cryptic crossword. That's over 80 years of clever-clogs clues, and they've written some more just for you. If you think you can do better than Michael and Alan's lacklustre performance, why not have a go yourself?

2345 PM Blair's been riding the jetstream this week, having touched down in Iraq where he paid his diplomatic respects to the country's new Prime Minister and government, and spoke of a "new beginning" for an Iraq newly in charge of its own destiny. What should we make of the security situation within Iraq itself, and the political wranglings beyond its borders? We turned to Rageh Omaar, the BBC's former foreign correspondent, for his Take Of The Week.

2349 Rageh joins us in the studio to discuss his Take.

2358 More clues from our political crossword.

2359 It seems like there's been a whole barrowload of muck being flung around this political week. We bring you the This Week guide to who's come up smelling of roses from the Chelsea Flower Show with The Sun's Jane Moore.

0013 Back again to the political cryptic.

0015 David Cameron's attendance at the Beckhams' 2m bash on Sunday was maybe not the most auspicious timing, given his latest political pitch: that there's more to life than money. Perhaps you could balance life and work a little better if you weren't taking a stab at becoming Prime Minister while balancing your third baby on your knee! This week, we ask how to climb the greasy pole at work if you still need time to unplug the greasy sink back home. We put Wellbeing in the Spotlight.

0016 Former model and Mum Of The Year Melinda Messenger joins us to discuss the Spotlight.

0021 Andrew bids his farewells with a vote of thanks to Val Gilbert, the brains behind the Telegraph crossword for the last thirty years, and our very own cryptic clue compiler tonight.


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