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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 May 2006, 08:19 GMT 09:19 UK
May 18th
Alan Milburn & Michael Portillo on BBC1's This Week
The truth is if you're going to solve crime, or regenerate a community, or improve somebody's health, that is as much down to the individual as it is down to the state.
Alan Milburn
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2340 You may have read something in your papers this morning about the tragic break-up of a beautiful marriage. And Andrew is sad to confirm that Diane won't be cuddling up to Michael on the sofa tonight. She'll be back, but in the meantime, you won't be shortchanged on political brawn and brains. Though we can't vouch for the looks: Alan Milburn sidles onto the sofa next to Michael Portillo.

2343 The PM started out the week with a proposition for us: "Let's Talk". The next day, he came out for nuclear power - ahead of the report he'd commissioned! So what's the point of talking if nobody's listening? We turn to one of Labour's most famous "luvvies": writer, actor, director, comedian and all-round bright thing, Stephen Fry for his Take Of The Week.

2346 Stephen joins Andrew, Michael and Alan to discuss his Take.

2356 We've got an editorial first for you: Sam Baker, editor of best-selling monthly Cosmo gives her Round Up of the political week.

0003 Andrew, Michael and Alan discuss the Round Up.

I Love The 1980s - This Week Style!
This week, the BBC begins its adaptation of Booker-winning novel The Line Of Beauty. It's a fictional expose of high political and sexual shenanigans at the height of Mrs Thatcher's premiership. She herself was fêted at a somewhat belated 80th birthday party last night, and even came fifth in a poll of all-time heroes - in, of all places, the New Statesman! We put the 1980s in the Spotlight.

0013 Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant joins us to discuss the '80s.

0016 Since Neil would be the hands-down winner, Andrew excludes him and subjects Alan and Michael to our 1980s quiz: and you can take it too by clicking to indicate your guesses below. See you next week!

The This Week I Love The 1980s Quiz

Can you beat Neil? Plug in your answers, hit "Results", and scroll down to see how you did!

Question 1
Who shot JR?
A: Miss Ellie
B: Sue Ellen
C: Kristen
Question 2
Whose bunny reached boiling point in the 1980s?
A: The Gallaghers'
B: The Forersts'
C: The Rogersons'
Question 3
Which politician went for a ride on a star in 1987?
A: Jonathan Aitken
B: Jeffrey Archer
C: Harvey Proctor

 Press the button and see how you have done


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