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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 April 2006, 11:58 GMT 12:58 UK
March 30th
Jeanette Winterson
Tony Blair talks a big game on global warming, but where's the action?

We need a different kind of politician: one not afraid to stand up to big business.

He went to war with Iraq on a lot less evidence than we have here for a much bigger disaster.

Jeanette Winterson

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2340 Andrew expresses his disgust at the sale of Blue Peter badges and introduces your old friends - sitting on the sticky-back sofa they made earlier, it's the Peter Purvis and Valerie Singleton of late-night politics: Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott.

2344 The Archbishop of Canterbury has called global warming "a huge moral problem" which could lead to billions of deaths. PM Tony Blair agreed - though he flew to New Zealand to say so. But what's a little extra intercontinental travel when your government has already admitted it will miss its target for reducing carbon emissions? We turn to best-selling author and amateur environmentalist, Jeanette Winterson for her Take On The Week.

2347 Jeanette joins the team in the studio to discuss her film.

2357 Saving the planet in New Zealand; saving civilisation in Indonesia; meeting Commonwealth athletes in Australia: all in a week's work for our busy PM. Thank God he's not running the country any more: he just wouldn't have the time. And who'd want to be back in a Blighty dominated by questions of sleaze, cash for peerages and that issue of when Tony will take his final solo flight? We sent the Today programme's Jim Naughtie on his own journey to John Lennon Airport in Liverpool to deliver this week's Round Up.

0014 Andrew, Diane and Michael discuss the Round Up.

0014 This week's report from three government watchdogs painted a depressing picture of a country where the NHS and the social services patronise the elderly, strip them of their dignity, and ignore their views. We're working longer, but we're also living longer - are bingo halls, bus passes and mobility scooters all we have to look forward to? We put old age in the Spotlight and ask Bill Wyman whether his generation is still getting satisfaction.


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