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The shape of things to come

It's said that some of the Tory rebels were more than keen to show their Eurosceptic credentials in the Commons vote last week in case they have to come before constituency selection panels in the future.

For some, that selection process is closer than others as they look likely to lose their current seats under the boundary review.

The Boundary Commissions of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland revise boundaries on a regular basis to take account of changes to population.

But the current review is doing more than that.

It cuts by 50 the number of constituencies - making each one not only bigger - but also much more equal in terms of the numbers of voters in each seat.

Public hearings into the proposals affecting England are now underway.

Some Liberal Democrat MPs feel they're going to lose out while Labour MPs believe the whole exercise is about making it harder for them to win the next election.

But as Mandy Baker has discovered, even some Conservatives are stunned by the Boundary Commission's proposals. She's been to one of the hearings - in Leeds. Here's her report.

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