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What's driving the BNP?

Nick Griffin
BNP leader Nick Griffin is contesting the European elections in June

The European and local elections in June will be a test for the major parties, we know. But what about the British National Party?

It's recently scored some successes on local councils like Swanley in Kent and feels it could be on the verge of a breakthrough in the European elections.

The party's leader Nick Griffin hopes to become the BNP's first MEP in the North West region.

All of which alarms senior labour figures who've warned Gordon Brown that Labour's campaign for the European election in June has been too slow to get off the ground, allowing the BNP to win over disaffected Labour voters.

John Beesley has been to one town where the BNP has already has a presence on the local council - Burnley in Lancashire:


Ted Cantle
Professor Ted Cantle

Professor Ted Cantle of the Community Cohesion Institute has been warning the main political parties that they're failure to take on the BNP is partly to blame for the recent successes of the far right party.

He told me there'd been a dramatic increase in support for the party in local elections - and in June it could make the breakthrough at national level.

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