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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 December 2007, 20:54 GMT
Stop the World
Britain is a country proud of its tradition of freedom of speech.

Within certain limits we can say express strong opinions and not worry too much about the consequences.

But what if you express an opinion which appears to go against the prevailing wisdom? What you risk then is ridicule.

In Stop the World, the writer Kamran Nazeer talks to three people who hold views which make a lot people angry.

In part one, his subject is the Liberal Democrat peer, Dick Taverne.

In part two we hear from the broadcaster David Cox who believes cutting carbon emissions is not the way to tackle global warming. He criticises environmentalists for demanding that individuals make huge sacrifices for future generations.

Human beings, he says, just aren't programmed to respond to these sorts of pleas.

And in the last part of Stop The World, Kamran Nazeer hears about some very radical ideas - especially about sexual behaviour - from a professor of law at the University of Kent.

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