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Last Updated: Sunday, 12 November 2006, 21:06 GMT
Marine Bill
One Bill that apparently will not be in the Queen's Speech is the long awaited Marine Bill.

It's supposed to be the first step towards managing the coastal environment, balancing the demands of industry with the need to protect habitats and the creatures that live in them... a crucial reform, you might think, after scientists warned earlier this month that the world's fish stocks may disappear altogether within 50 years if action is not taken.

How would a Marine Bill resolve the tensions that surround fishing off Britain's coasts?
At the last election, all three main parties promised to introduce a Marine Bill to satisfy the competing demands of environmentalists and industry.

The Government consulted on the idea in the summer but now appears to have pulled back from including the bill in this week's Queen's Speech.

Ben Shore has been looking at what's caused the delay and what's at stake.

Report on the marine bill

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