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How to succeed at Summits
Sir Christopher Meyer and Tony Blair
Sir Christopher at the Prime Minister's side on the way to a summit with President Bush

In a fortnight's time, the world's most powerful leaders will be in St Petersburg where Russia is hosting the G8 Summit.

What really goes on when the top dogs meet behind closed doors? How important is the personal chemistry between different leaders?

How do they try to suck up to each other? How do they shaft each other? And what makes the difference between a successful summit and a failed one?

Sir Christopher Meyer, the former British Ambassador to the United States, is giving us an insider's guide. In the first part of the series, he talks to other summiteers, among them a former US Secretary of State, about 'How To Succeed at Summits'.

How to succeed at summits
Part One

How to succeed at summits
Part Two

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