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In The Think Tanks

Dennis Sewell
Dennis Sewell

Though they didn't get much coverage, the Green Party were one of the winners in Thursday's local elections - getting, for them, a record number of seats.

That will be another reason for the bigger parties to carry on competing to prove that they are friends of the planet.

The politicians are looking for fresh policy ideas for going green. And that's the theme of a new series of 'In The Think Tanks'.

In Part One, Dennis Sewell begins by looking at how the policymakers try to come up with practical solutions - only to then struggle to make sense of who exactly in government they should be putting their ideas to.

In Part Two, he explains how politicians are looking at global warming less as a problem, and more as an opportunity.

The role that nuclear power should play - or not - became yet more contentious when the Prime Minister pre-empted his own Government's energy review by signalling his support for building a new generation of nuclear power stations.

That question is beginning to dominate the debate over how to tackle climate change. In Part Three, Dennis tells us why that is worrying many of those working on policy in the think tanks.

In The Think Tanks
Part One

In The Think Tanks
Part Two

In The Think Tanks
Part Three

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