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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 October 2005, 20:44 GMT 21:44 UK
From the dark horse's mouth

After so much intense pressure and feverish speculation around the drugs question, there was some relief among supporters of David Cameron that the Sunday newspapers did not contain any killer revelations.

Even so his right-hand man, the Shadow Chancellor George Osborne felt obliged to react to a story in the News of the World by issuing a statement denying that he had taken cocaine with a prostitute.

Mr Cameron is still the favourite to win at the bookies and there's no good evidence that the drugs questions has done any visible damage to his support, though we won't really know until the voting begins.

On Monday all the candidates appear at a hustings in front of Tory Mps. It's the last occasion for the rival camps to try to ambush their competitors before the first round of voting on Tuesday.

By Thursday, when another round of voting is likely, we should know which two contenders will be going forward to the decisive ballot of Tory party members.

Liam Fox MP
Liam Fox MP
Supporters of Liam Fox have had their tails up in recent days, hoping that he can beat Ken Clarke into fourth place in the first ballot and then leapfrog over David Davis to get into the final vote.

Tory critics of Dr Fox say he would leave the party under essentially the same right-wing management that has failed it in the past.

We spoke to Liam Fox. How would he change the Conservative Party?

Interview with Liam Fox

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