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Last Updated: Sunday, 2 October 2005, 21:31 GMT 22:31 UK
MPs Roadshow

Ed Vaizey MP
Conservative MP Ed Vaizey

How have they been getting on - those parliamentary virgins who came into the House of Commons for the first time at the election?

Beginning a new three part Sunday Supplement series of the 'MPs Roadshow', Paul Vickers talks to six of them.

Nia Griffith MP
Labour MP Nia Griffith

He begins by hearing why two of them - one Labour, one Conservative - decided on a career at Westminster.

And why one of them is already rebelling against his party leader.

In Part Two, Paul Vickers visits the constituencies of two people who now represent the areas where they grew up.

What are the advantages and the pitfalls of being a local boy or girl who went to Westminster without leaving home?

In the final part, Paul Vickers follows a cat loving Conservative as she visits her local animal hospital - to be serenaded by the local Elvis impersonator.

And he pounds the pavements with a new Lib Dem MP who tells how she's constantly taking up constituents' complaints about - you've guessed it - potholes.

MPs Roadshow - Part One

MPs Roadshow - Part Two

MPs Roadshow - Part Three


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