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Last Updated: Sunday, 6 February 2005, 21:59 GMT
Tony Blair talks to The Westminster Hour

Tony Blair
Tony Blair was interviewed by Andrew Rawnsley on Sunday 6 February 2005

In case you hadn't noticed that an election is coming, tomorrow the arguments about asylum and immigration will get even fiercer when the Government produces its latest ideas in the form of a five year plan.

It's been variously trailed that the proposals will include a toughening up of the criteria for getting work permits and the introduction of financial charges to deter people from repeatedly appealing against decisions refusing entry to them or their families.

The Conservatives have pre-denounced the Government's plans as nothing more than talk while the former union leader, Sir Bill Morris complained that the parties were engaged in a 'bidding war' about who can be nastiest to asylum-seekers.

Andrew Rawnsley went to Number 10 to speak to the Prime Minister. After nearly eight years in power, he's announcing yet another plan for asylum and immigration. Does this mean that Tony Blair accepts that many people think his Government has lost control of the numbers coming into the country?

The Westminster Hour interview with Tony Blair
Andrew Rawnsley's exclusive interview with the Prime Minister


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