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Progress? What Progress?

Simon Heffer
Simon Heffer

In a three-part series for The Westminster Hour the Daily Mail columnist, Simon Heffer, returns to give his personal view of society's problems.

His target: the liberal intelligentsia who he says are guilty of excusing the crimes of the 20th century's totalitarian dictators.

In Part One, he attacks the Whig interpretation of history.

In Part Two, Simon Heffer looks at key episodes from the last century and the beginning of this one. From Chamberlain to Butskillism to Thatcherism to the Third Way. Doesn't recent history prove that the line of causation is a myth?

In Part Three, he argues why he believes the Whig interpretation of events in the United States in the past century is wrong.

Sunday Supplement
Progress, What Progress? Part 1

Sunday Supplement
Progress, What Progress? Part 2

Sunday Supplement
Progress, What Progress? Part 3

Simon Heffer on society's ills
11 May 03 |  The Westminster Hour


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