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Sunday Supplement: In The Think Tanks

Dennis Sewell
Dennis Sewell

Think Tanks are now firmly part of the language of contemporary politics.

In this third series, first broadcast on The Westminster Hour in January 2005, Dennis Sewell explores the role religion has in helping to shape policy.

In part one he discusses whether religious groups should be involved in the political policy making-process.

In part two, Dennis Sewell looks at how religious organisations are responding to Minister's desires to find fresh solutions to crime and some of society's most intractable problems.

In the third and final part, Dennis Sewell asks whether religious organisations could actually take over some of the functions currently run by the State and why some in the Churches are wary of too close a relationship with Government?

Sunday Supplement
In The Think Tanks - part one

Sunday Supplement
In The Think Tanks - part two

Sunday Supplement
In The Think Tanks - part three


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