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The Weekly Politics: November 29 - December 3

A lookback over the highlights of the week on the Daily Politics with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand, Giles Dilnot and Jo Coburn.

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Frank Field

The only Labour MP who has worked for the coalition has published his Review on Poverty which challenges some long-held assumptions about welfare reform.

60 seconds graphic

A reminder of the political week in just 60 seconds as covered on the Daily Politics.

George Howarth

Labour MP George Howarth said Phil Woolas could carry on with a further appeal after he lost a bid to overturn an election court's ruling barring him from politics.


Nash and cash graphic

Does Parliament need, or want, a fresh injection of young blood and how do the longer serving members take to the young guns.

Luton people

Politicians are concerned that there is not enough intergenerational contact, and now they're making an effort to bring the young and old together

Adam Afriyie

Tory backbencher Adam Afriyie explains why he called for a Commons' debate on MPs' expenses.

Steve Webb

Pensions minister Steve Webb and Ros Altmann on the future of pensions and retirement.


David Harewood

Actor David Harewood - famed for TV roles seeing him as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela on TV plus roles in Robin Hood and Doctor Who - says money must keep flowing to the world's poorest people to help them fight the effects of climate change.

Nick Robinson

Employment Minister Chris Grayling, Shadow Environment Secretary Mary Creagh, Nick Robinson, Andrew Neil and Anita Anand analyse PMQs.

Don Foster

Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster admits there is no clarity on the party's position on tuition fees.

Keith Vaz

Keith Vaz, who chairs the Home Affairs Select Committee, on why former chief constables should not stand for the new roles of police commissioners.

Rob Garnham

The chair of the Association of Police Authorities, on why costs and "politicisation" issues mean electing proposed police commissioners "is the wrong way to go".

John Prescott

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott on why he is off to Cancun for the UN summit in Mexico.


Gerry Sutcliffe

Former Sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe on the timing of a BBC Panorama documentary which alleged three senior Fifa officials took bribes in the 1990s.

John Healey MP

Shadow Health Secretary John Healey on his 'Movember' effort to wear a moustache for a month and help raise money to fight prostrate cancer.

Anna Dixon

English councils are to get the responsibility of encouraging people to lead a more active lifestyle with Andrew Lansley setting out his vision for public health.

Liberal Democrat councillor

Adam Fleming travelled to the Liverpool to gauge the mood of Lib Dem supporters on the coalition issue.

Tim Farron

Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron on how the tuition fees could see the party's MPs support, abstain and vote against the coalition government proposals.

Fiona Hyslop

SNP external affairs minister Fiona Hyslop claims government plans to give Scotland new powers to control a third of its budget could be a "Tory plan that will sell Scotland short".


Bob Ainsworth

Former Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth and Sir Richard Dalton, the former Ambassador to Iran, on the secret US communique revelations from the Wikileaks.

Lord Archer

Lord Archer said the 100 failed Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidates petitioning Nick Clegg to oppose plans to raise tuition fees in England "should be backing him and not making a lot of noise".

Angela Eagle

Angela Eagle, Lord Archer and Matthew Hancock on food prices

Archive food poster

Food prices are on the way up, and there are calls for politicians to take action in these austere times.


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