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The Weekly Politics: Oct 4-8

A lookback over the highlights of the week on the Daily Politics with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand and Jo Coburn.

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David Pleat

Ex-football manager David Pleat has advice for Ed Miliband as he decides how to bring his top team together.

Margaret Beckett

Former foreign secretary Margaret Beckett said the shadow cabinet election results give new leader Ed Miliband "a chance to innovate".

Top of the Political Pops graphic

A musical rundown of the biggest political stories of the week up to 8 October - as read on the BBC News website - is revealed in the Daily Politics' Top of the Political Pops with Giles Dilnot.


Polly Toynbee

Giles Dilnot looks at two opposing views of the 1997-2010 New Labour years as an 'audit' has been published.

Fraser Nelson

The Spectator's Fraser Nelson and the Guardian's Polly Toynbee give Labour a score out of ten for achievements during its 13 years in power.

Tory party emblem

The Conservative Party membership has fallen from the 2005 level of 258,000 to 177,000 now.


William Hague

William Hague and Nick Robinson give their reaction to David Cameron's speech to the Conservative Party conference.

David Cameron

David Cameron is the first Tory leader in 14 years to open the party conference as PM - he declared that 4,757 days in wilderness were over.

Harry Beckough

David Cameron singled out Harry Beckough, 96, who joined the party in 1929, in his speech to the party conference in Birmingham.

Baroness Warsi

Conservative Party chairman Baroness Warsi tells Andrew Neil she is happy with the Birmingham gathering where "serious and difficult" announcements have been made.

David Cameron

David Cameron closed his party conference speech appealing for British people to "pull together".

Antony Worrall Thompson

Top chef and businessman Antony Worrall Thompson gives his take on David Cameron's last 12 months as the party moved from opposition to government.

Andrew Gimson

Andrew Gimson of the Daily Telegraph wonders if the Conservative Party has been abolished as he tours the conference for a Daily Politics sketch.

David Cameron

The Daily Politics looks back over the highlights of the last few months for the Conservative Party leader.

Voting balls

David Cameron and George Osborne have been adamant that defence cannot escape the spending cut axe, although Liam Fox has been doing his best to blunt it.

Justine Roberts

Justine Roberts, one of Mumsnet founders, on the decision to take child benefit away from higher rate taxpayers from 2013.

Andrew Lansley

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley is asked why health groups appear not to be in favour of the changes he announced at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.

David Davis

Former shadow home secretary David Davis on the fallout from the anger over changes to child benefit, announced at the Conservative Party conference.

Michael Gove

Michael Gove announced a power for headteachers to allow them to enforce discipline outside schools and give them the powers to act "anytime, any place, any where".

EU Flag

David Cameron has promised that no more powers will be transferred from London to Brussels - but some in the Tory party are concerned about the coalition' s attitude to the EU.

Don Foster in baseball cap

The Daily Politics sent Liberal Democrat culture spokesman Don Foster to see what the Tories get up to at their conference as he tried on a baseball cap and wondered what Lady Thatcher would have thought of it all.


Yvette Cooper

Shadow work and pensions secretary Yvette Cooper on "something dangerous" in the chancellor's speech, as she said there is danger of cutting too quickly.

Iain Duncan Smith:

Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith is asked if the changes to child benefit are fair.

George Osborne

Chancellor George Osborne on his plans for a 'tough but fair' welfare state as he addressed the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

George Osborne

Chancellor George Osborne said the UK economy has been paying "interest on the interest on the interest" and was it was repaying £120m each day.

Robert Peston

BBC Business Editor Robert Peston on the chancellor's speech to the Tory conference in Birmingham and the potential lessons from the Irish economy when it comes to cuts and recession threats.

Andrew Neil at the Tory conference

Andrew Neil toured the Conservative Party conference to ask journalists and delegates about what they expect from the Birmingham event.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson said "only three" cycles have been stolen under the London bike hire scheme launched a few weeks ago, and all were later recovered.

Blue balls

Adam Fleming took the mood box to Birmingham to ask Conservative delegates if they prefer a coalition or would rather go it alone.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson told the Conservative Party Conference that "3,000 people" were holding London to ransom through the Tube strikes.


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