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The Weekly Politics: Sep 20-24

A lookback over the highlights of the week on the Daily Politics with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand and Jo Coburn.

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Top of the Political Pops graphic

A musical rundown of the biggest political stories of the week up to 24 September - as read on the BBC News website - is revealed in the Daily Politics' Top of the Political Pops with Giles Dilnot.

Emily Thornberry

Labour MP and Shadow Cabinet hopeful Emily Thornberry and the Conservative MP Matthew Hancock on the work facing a new Labour leader, and how the coalition and opponents stand on cuts and spending.

Banking vox pop

Giles Dilnot asked people in the City of London for their views about plans to split up some banks in the UK.


Philip Hammond

Hilary Wharf, who campaigns against the planned the HS2 line, explains why she thinks the business case for it does not stack up before Transport Secretary Philip Hammond explains why he backs the project.


Sir Denis O'Connor, Chief Inspector of Constabulary, and shadow policing minister David Hanson on whether police officers spend too much time in the office rather than crime fighting, and if Labour did enough to tackle the problems.

Policy Exchange logo

What do the mysterious brainiacs in a political "think tank" actually do? Adam Fleming talks to Neil O'Brien of Policy Exchange and Chris Nicholson of CentreForum and then asks taxi drivers what they make of it all.


Chris Huhne

Climate Change and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is asked when he changed his mind over the need for cuts.

Nick Harvey

Liberal Democrat Defence Minister Nick Harvey reacts to party anger over plans for a Trident replacement.

Shirley Williams

Baroness Williams says Trident belongs in a Cold War era and a whip threatens to stand down over the issue.

Voting balls

Adam Fleming tested the views of Lib Dem delegates on whether they preferred a Tory or a Labour coalition.

Lynne Featherstone

Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone sums up the Liberal Democrat conference just after Vince Cable's speech to delegates.

Vince Cable

Vince Cable admits to upsetting a raft of people but says: 'I must be doing something right'

Quentin Letts in Liverpool

The Daily Mail's Quentin Letts laments the loss of a quiet Liberal Democrat conference by the sea for one by a party in government, as he sums up the last few days in Liverpool.


Ben Bradshaw

Shadow Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw responds to attacks from Nick Clegg and other leading figures at the LibDem party conference.

Simon Hughes

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Simon Hughes is asked if he is from the left or right of the party and how happy he is to work with the Conservatives.

Jeremy Browne

Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne is asked about the Liberal Democrat policy on who should receive child benefits and green taxes after votes at the party conference.

Nigel Evans

Conservative MP and Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans, who once lost in a by-election to the Liberal Democrats, sees what his coalition colleagues are up to at their party conference in Liverpool.


Liberal Democrats have voted to safeguard the "simple to understand, easy to claim" universal child benefit but as Adam found out, not all delegates were so sure. Sir Menzies Campbell and Tim Farron were among the MPs to give their view.


Nick Clegg

Looking back over Nick Clegg's last year as he rose to take on the role of deputy prime minister. Here are some of his highlights.

Roy Stride

Scouting for Girls' Roy Stride sings the praises of the Liberal Democrats and charts their fortunes since the general election.

Ed Davey

Business Minister Ed Davey reviews Nick Clegg's speech to the Liberal Democrat conference with Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics.

Nick Robinson

BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson gives his view on the early stages of the Liberal Democrat conference ahead of Nick Clegg's speech in Liverpool.

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg sticks to his claim that the war in Iraq war "was illegal" and said his party would never lose its soul.

Andrew Neil with rosette

Andrew Neil tours the Liberal Democrat conference to see who wants a ConDem rosette, celebrating the links between the parties in the coalition government.

Yellow balls

Adam Fleming tested the mood of Liberal Democrats at their conference to see how they feel their party and the government is dealing with the deficit.

Danny Alexander

Andrew Neil presses Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, who wrote the party's election manifesto, on when he changed his mind over the need for government cuts.


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