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Daily Politics Cabinet Contender Election Debates

The Daily Politics has a separate afternoon debate programme on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the election campaign.

There will be nine "cabinet contender" live television debates, on BBC Two between 1415 and 1500 where leading politicians will be cross examined by Andrew Neil and a specialist BBC correspondent.

Questions should be submitted 24 hours ahead of the debate to stand a good chance of being put the contenders.

Follow the debate on twitter with the hashtag #cabdebate

Click on the links below to find out more about the guests and subjects for each show - and how to email in your questions.

Foreign Affairs line-up

David Miliband v William Hague v Ed Davey

Monday 19 April with Andrew Neil & Mark Urban

Davey, Miliband and Hague on Europe

Crime Debate line-up

Alan Johnson v Chris Grayling v Chris Huhne

Tuesday 20 April with Andrew Neil & Mark Easton

Opening salvos in crime debate

Chancellors lineup

Alistair Darling v George Osborne v Vince Cable

Wednesday 21 April with Andrew Neil & Stephanie Flanders

Cable, Osborne and Darling on IMF comments

Environment line-up

Ed Miliband v Greg Clark v Simon Hughes v Darren Johnson

Monday 26 April with Andrew Neil & Justin Rowlatt

Where they stand on Heathrow expansion

Business line-up

Peter Mandelson v Ken Clarke v John Thurso v John Swinney

Tuesday 27 April with Andrew Neil & Robert Peston

How do we stop foreign takeovers?

Health lline-up

Andy Burnham v Andrew Lansley v Norman Lamb

Wednesday 28 April with Andrew Neil & Branwen Jeffreys

Why does the NHS have more managers?

Education line-up

Ed Balls v Michael Gove v David Laws

Monday 3 May with Andrew Neil & Mike Baker

Cabinet contenders on Sats policies

Immigration line-up

Phil Woolas v Damian Green v Tom Brake v Nigel Farage

Tuesday 4 May with Andrew Neil & Mark Easton

Fruitcakes and Bigot-gate

Trust line-up

Harriet Harman v George Young v Lynne Featherstone v Adam Price

Wednesday 5 May with Andrew Neil & Jo Coburn

Calls for electoral reform

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