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The Weekly Politics: Oct 26-30

Anita Anand and Andrew Neil

A lookback over the highlights of the last week on the Daily Politics - with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand, Giles Dilnot and Jo Coburn.


Top of the Political Pops graphic

The top political stories from the BBC News website for the week ending October 30 - set to music.

Mark Field

As European leaders meet for their final day of the EU summit, we asked what the Conservatives will do about the EU, the Lisbon Treaty, and the chances of Tony Blair or David Miliband being the first president of the European Council.


Members of the House of Lords do not get paid for their work but they can claim allowances - for which they do not currently need receipts - although that could be changing.

Lord Desai

Labour peer Lord Desai joined us to talk about how the reform of expenses will affect the House of Lords.


Chris Huhne

Chris Huhne on MPs' expenses ahead of former Labour minister Tony McNulty being rebuked for claiming second home expenses on a house where his parents lived and a report suggesting major reforms to allowances in the House of Lords.

Nick Gibb MP

The numbers of English parents appealing because their child did not get into the school of their choice are up. Tory Nick Gibb and Lib Dem Chris Huhne discuss the options, although the government was unable to put up a spokesman to give its side.

Cheap booze display

Alcohol is the fifth most harmful drug, according to the Government's chief adviser - more harmful than cannabis, LSD and ecstasy. Adam Fleming investigates Booze Britain.

Chris Huhne MP

Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne gives his party view of how to deal with problems caused by alcohol.

David Miliband and William Hague

James MacIntyre, political correspondent for the New Statesman, on the row over the Tory's European allies.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown and David Cameron clashed in Commons again over training of TA soldiers and the economy during Prime Minister's questions.

nick robinson

The Daily Politics' analysis of Prime Minister's Questions as Anita Anand and Andrew Neil talk to MPs Peter Hain and Chris Grayling and the BBC's political editor Nick Robinson.

Peter Hain

Labour MP Peter Hain and Tory Chris Grayling on the ongoing political row over cuts to spending on the Territorial Army.

 Chris Grayling

Anita Anand sets out the background to the reform of MPs expenses before we hear from MPs Sir Stuart Bell, Peter Hain and Chris Grayling, and the BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson.

Ben miller

Ben Miller debates the idea in his film on censorship with MPs Peter Hain and Chris Grayling.

Ben Miller

Comedian Ben Miller gives his take on censorship in a world of PC rules, and just what is offensive. And he offers thoughts on Jeremy Paxman in fishnets and suspenders, Top Gear and Songs of Praise.

Yes Minister grab

A Conservative government would gives its ministers more power over permanent secretaries. Giles Dilnot reports.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and former Australian PM John Howard clash on immigration policies in the UK and Australia, while Andrew Neil referees the heated debate.

John Howard

Former Australian PM John Howard gave his views on the UK and Australian economies, and how they the US, Europe and his nation feared in the credit crunch.

John Howard

Ex Australian leader John Howard was quizzed on the likelihood of Tony Blair being made the president of the on EU.

Jeremy Hunt

Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt talks about Tory plans to reform the BBC and party plans for the future of the licence fee and the BBC Trust.

BBC News logo

Adam Fleming reports on changing times for the BBC as Labour and Tories have been turning up the heat on the corporation.

PY Gerbau

The hundreds of thousands of French people living in Britain today could get to elect their own deputy in the French National Assembly.


Austin Mitchell

Austin Mitchell, speaks up for fellow MPs ahead of Sir Christopher Kelly announcing further reforms to the expenses regime at Westminster.

Martin Bell

Former Independent MP Martin Bell and the Labour MP Austin Mitchell clash over expenses claimed by members at Westminster.

Anita Anand

Eve Burt, wife of Tory MP Alistair Burt, spoke to Anita Anand on the telephone on why spouses do a good job and should be allowed to carry on working for their husbands.

Strike graphic

Gordon Brown could be faced with his own winter of discontent as a mounting number of industrial disputes threaten to boil over into a series of strikes. Mail workers could hold another national strike but they are not the only ones. Anita Anand explained the background before we were joined by historian Anthony Howard.


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