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The Weekly Politics: Oct 19-23

Anita Anand and Andrew Neil

A lookback over the highlights of the last week on the Daily Politics - with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand, Giles Dilnot and Jo Coburn.



The Tories have promised give Government time to hold a free vote on repealing the hunting ban. So is that promise a vote winner or loser? Colette McBeth reports.

James Gray MP

James Gray, the Conservative MP for North Wiltshire, joined us from Bristol, to explain how the party might overturn the hunting ban - and when.

Alistair Darling

Many people were expecting some good economic news this morning and figures were set to show that Britain was officially emerging from recession. But the pundits were wrong. Jo Coburn spoke to the BBC's Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders and Treasury Minister Phil Woolas.

Phil Woolas

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, Total Politics executive editor Shane Greer and Observer Columnist Nick Cohen on the reaction to Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time.

Poll graphic

The Daily Politics poll asked which political team have shown the best ideas for tackling the banking crisis and recession that followed and who has the best ideas for tackling them.

Top of the Political Pops graphic

The top political stories from the BBC News website for the week ending October 23 - set to music.


Billy Hayes and John hutton

Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Communications Workers Union, and the former Business Secretary, John Hutton, on the postal strike and possible Acas talks.


John Maynard Keynes is a name that has been bandied around a lot in these troubled economic times. But just who was he, what were his economic theories and is it true that they did save the world? Adam Fleming reports.

Robert Skidelsky

Chief Investment Officer of Casenove Capital Management, Richard Jeffrey, and Robert Skidelsky, biographer of Keynes, discuss the legacy of Keynes.

Tom Dunmore

If you listen to music through the web streaming website Spotify then your listening pleasure could well be interrupted by an unlikely voice, Blastmaster Eric Pickles from the Tory crew.

Mona Lisa

Does the Mona Lisa ever appear on your favourite lunchtime show? Andrew Neil shares a viewer's e-mail.


Gordon Brown

The postal dispute dominated prime minister's questions on Wednesday October 21.

nick robinson

The Daily Politics' analysis of Prime Minister's Questions as Anita Anand and Andrew Neil talk to the former Europe minister Caroline Flint, shadow environment minister Nick Herbert and the BBC's political editor Nick Robinson.


A postal worker speaks about why he feels he has no option but to strike before Labour MP Caroline Flint and Tory Nick Herbert give their views on the industrial action, set to start on Thursday.

Tony Blair graphic

How powerful will the President of European Council be and who are the runners and riders? Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn joined the studio debate alongside former Europe minister Caroline Flint and shadow environment Secretary Nick Herbert.


Gordon Brown appointed people from outside parliament to serve in his first government and it was dubbed 'The Government of all the talents' (GOATs).

Camilla Dallerup

Camilla Dallerup debates the ideas in her film on dog chipping when she brought her dog Sven into the Daily Politics studio and spoke with MPs Caroline Flint and Nick Herbert.

Camilla Dallerup

The winner of last year's Strictly Come Dancing, Camilla Dallerup, on the calls for micro-chipping of all dogs as a way of helping return strays to their owners and tracing those who have abused their animals.


City of London

The return of banking bonuses has sparked anger across the political divide leading to rumours of a windfall tax with speculation that Alistair Darling will announce the move in the pre-budget report due in the next few weeks.

John McFall MP

Treasury Select Committee chairman John McFall and Professor Geoffrey Wood from the Cass Business School on banking bonuses and a potential windfall tax.

Anita Kapoor

Anita Kapoor, who has stood for the Tories as a Parliamentary and council candidate, and businesswoman Sarah Khan on how to boost the number of women and ethnic minority candidates.

Alan Duncan

Conservative prisons spokesman Alan Duncan and Juliet Lyon from the Prison Reform Trust on the gross misconduct charges being faced by five managers.

Saira Khan

Businesswoman and former Apprentice runner-up Saira Khan said she would sit at a table to challenge the BNP's ideas, and the party should be allowed to appear on Question Time.


Question Time logo

Colette McBeth reports from Dagenham on the reaction to the BBC inviting BNP leader Nick Griffin on to Thursday's Question Time.

John Mann

Labour MP John Mann, Hugo Rifkind from the Times and Michael Mansfield QC on the BNP invite to appear on the BBC's Question Time.

Hillary Benn

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn on the scientific evidence about climate change - he spoke after the PM warned the UK faced a "catastrophe" of floods, droughts and killer heatwaves.

Lord Myners

City Minister Lord Myners on the Financial Services Authority plans to regulate the mortgage market to encourage responsible lending . He also spoke to Anita Anand about banking bonuses.

Michael Mansfield

Barrister Michael Mansfield QC says the public have had enough of MPs complaining about their expenses.


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