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The Weekly Politics: Oct 5-9

Anita Anand and Andrew Neil

A lookback over the highlights of the last week on the Daily Politics - with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand and Jo Coburn.

It was our third week back after the recess and we spent much of the time looking at the Tory party conference in Manchester.


Top of the Political Pops graphic

The top political stories from the BBC News website for the week ending October 9 - set to music.

Gordon  Brown

The Lib Dem, Labour and Tory party leaders addressing their conferences - the last time ahead a general election that will be called within weeks or months.

Archive film

Allegations dating back to World War ll are causing trouble for the Conservatives who have joined a European Parliament grouping with the Polish Law and Justice Party and the Latvian right wing For Fatherland and Freedom Party.

Thurrock voter

Voters in the marginal constituency of Thurrock in Essex give their views on what could sway at the general election.


Quentin Letts

Quentin Letts reviews the Tory conference week held in Manchester.

Ruth Davidson

Alun Cairns and Ruth Davidson spoke to Anita Anand on the Tory view of the union the nations of the UK.

David Cameron

David Cameron's speech in full to the Tory conference in Manchester where he spoke about tax and spending, crime, Afghanistan, and the death of his son Ivan.

Iain Dale

Political bloggers, Iain Dale and Paul Staines - aka Guido Fawkes - joined Anita Anand to review the Tory conference in Manchester.

Theresa May

Shadow work and pensions secretary Theresa May spoke of cutting benefits for people who will not work and on Tory-union relations.

George Osborne

Shadow chancellor George Osborne is questioned over Tory tax and spending plans in an extended interview with Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics.

David Davis graphic

Former home secretary David Davis takes a critical look at the last year for the Tories and calls David Cameron a 'PM in waiting'.

Caroline Spelman and children

One of the big challenges for David Cameron's Conservatives is to prove that the party is extending its appeal beyond the white middle classes. Adam Flemming finds out if they can embrace the social backgrounds who like a bit of Dizzee Rascal followed by a night down the pub with a tripe sandwich.

Julian Fellowes

The writer, actor, and Conservative supporter Julian Fellowes gives his take on the party which could be preparing for government if the polls are to be believed.

Michael Gove

Shadow schools secretary Michael Gove spoke to Andrew Neil about reforming education in Britain, and what lessons can be learned from abroad.

David Davis

Former shadow home secretary David Davis on how the public will react to Tory spending plans that were revealed at the party conference in Manchester.

John Bangs

The ideas put forward by Michael Gove at the Tory conference are debated by former shadow home secretary David Davis, John Bangs from the NUT and Anders Hultin from Global Education Management Systems who helped to devise the Swedish schools system.

Vox pop over pensions

People in a London street gave their reaction to Tory plans to raise the state retirement age, which are to be outlined by shadow chancellor George Osborne at the party conference.

George Osborne

Tory big beast Ken Clarke is seen by some to cast a big shadow over the Shadow chancellor George Osborne who could be delivering his own budget speech within months if the polls are to be believed.

Andrew Lansley

Andrew Lansley was asked if a Tory health budget would be ring-fenced and safe from cuts when was quizzed by Andrew Neil.

Geroge Osborne

Shadow chancellor George Osborne's speech in full to the Tory conference in Manchester.

Philip Hammond

Conservative Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Philip Hammond talks through the spending and tax plans in George Osborne's speech to the Tory conference.

Will hutton

Economics guru Irwin Stelzer, the Work Foundation's Will Hutton, former Defence Secretary and Shadow Chancellor Michael Portillo and Howard Davies, director of the London School of Economics, watched George Osborne's speech to the Tory conference and gave their reaction.


Norman Lamont

Former Chancellor Norman Lamont talks about the Tory chances at the next general election and reacts to William Hague's conference speech on Monday.

Survey graphic

Norman Lamont discusses a Daily Politics survey which found 80% of Tory councillors polled wanted a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty irrespective of the Irish referendum result.

Nigel Farage

Tory MEP Hannan and UKIP leader Nigel Farage debate the Conservative position on Europe and the calls for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

David Cameron

Tory leader David Cameron is grilled by Andrew Neil about welfare reform and the future of the EU as the party conference gets underway in Manchester.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is quizzed just after his conference speech - as Andrew Neil asked him about David Cameron, an EU referendum, drinking, the Bullingdon Clun and grammar schools.

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