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The Weekly Politics: Sep 28-Oct 2

Anita Anand and Andrew Neil

A lookback over the highlights of the last week on the Daily Politics - with presenters Andrew Neil, Anita Anand and Jo Coburn.

It was our second week back after the recess and we spent a lot of it at the Labour conference in Brighton, and the end of the week looking towards the Conservative gathering.


Margaret Beckett

Former Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett offered her thoughts on the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, if there should be a similar vote in the UK, and whether Tony Blair was fit for the job of presiding over the EU.

Greg Clark

Greg Clark, who sits in the Tory Shadow Cabinet, gives his view on Europe on the day the Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

Irish vote posters

Colette McBeth reports from Dublin as she tested the mood of the Irish people on the day of their second vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

Top of the Political Pops graphic

The top political stories from the BBC News website for the week ending October 2 - set to music.

Quentin Letts

The Daily Mail's Quentin Letts reviews the ups and downs of the Labour conference week in Brighton.

The First Battalion The Royal Welsh

The First Battalion The Royal Welsh is preparing to leave Chester for southern Afghanistan next month. Adam Fleming spoke to them about the challenges ahead.

Bill Rammell

Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell spoke to Andrew Neil on the British campaign in Afghanistan.

Hove Street sign

Giles Dilnot crosses the divide to see how Labour's conference message has gone down in Brighton's neighbour. Labour will be defending a small majority in Hove - a Parliamentary seat mainly held by the Tories over the years.

Ken Livingtone

Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone jolts your memory and reviews Labour's last 12 months as Gordon Brown gives his last conference speech before the general election.


Lord Adonis

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis was quizzed on the Sun's political leanings, public spending and why transport did not feature in Gordon Brown's conference speech, before explaining plans for high-speed rail lines.

 John Dunford

Barry Sheerman, John Dunford David Blunkett talk about Labour's education reforms and Ed Balls' plans for schools to share executive headteachers.

Greg Wallace

Adam Fleming spoke to executive head Greg Wallace on how he runs three schools in a 'federation'.

Alastair Campbell

Former spin doctors Charlie Whelan, who worked for Gordon Brown, Lance Price, who was Labour's Director of Communications, and Tony Blair's former official spokesman Alastair Campbell gave their views on the Sun deserting Labour to support the Conservatives.

David Blunkett

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett, who has written for the Sun, talks about relations between newspapers and political parties after the tabloid decided to drop Labour and support the Conservatives.

Betting graphic

Bookie Robin Hutchison joined Anita Anand to explain if Gordon Brown's keynote conference speech and the Sun's switch in political support were having any effect on the betting on the result of the next general election.


Peter Mandelson

Lord Mandelson spoke to Andrew Neil just after Gordon Brown's conference speech in Brighton.

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown spoke about taxes and spending, anti-social behaviour, ID cards, voting reform and the NHS in his hour-long speech to the Labour conference - his last one as PM ahead of the next general election.

Tony Woodley

Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis and Unite's Tony Woodley talk about relations between Labour and the unions.

Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson told the Labour Party conference that more needed to be done on anti-social behaviour.

Tony Robinson

The actor, presenter and Labour supporter Tony Robinson gives his take on Labour's future with views of the party's leader and its policies.

Jacqui Smith

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is questioned about Leicestershire Police's failings ahead of the death of a mother and daughter.

Peter Carpenter

Labour donor and Putney party chairman Peter Carpenter claims it is not too late to switch leader and he wants the PM to go as soon as possible.


Alistair Darling in Brighton

Chancellor Alistair Darling was questioned by Andrew Neil about banking bonuses and Baroness Scotland straight after his conference speech.

Angela Knight

Alistair Darling's conference speech is examined by Trevor Kavanagh from the Sun, Kevin Maguire from the Daily Mirror, former Labour deputy leader Roy Hattersley, director of the London School of Economics Howard Davies, and head of the British Bankers' Association, Angela Knight.

Ken Livingstone

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone gave his views on the Labour conference and the challenges facing the party.

Roy Hattersley

Former Labour deputy leader Roy Hattersley joined Anita Anand in the Westminster studio to look at whether Labour could win the next election.

Jim Cunningham MP

Giles Dilnot tests the waters in Brighton with past, present and potential future Labour MPs who talk about the Daily Politics poll on the party leadership as they gather for their conference.

DP survey graphic

Labour activists back Alan Johnson to be Labour leader were Gordon Brown to stand down, according to a Daily Politics survey of Labour Party activists.

Siobhan Freegard

Siobhan Freegard, founder of the website Net Mums, joined Anita Anand and Roy Hattersley discuss the decision by childcare regulator Ofsted to tell two policewomen that it was illegal for them to look after each other's children while they worked shifts, because the childcare was for more than two hours a day.

Alistair Darling

Alistair Darling's full address to the Labour Party Conference in Brighton where he claimed Gordon Brown's leadership had prevented a global recession from turning into a depression.


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