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Page last updated at 12:18 GMT, Wednesday, 10 June 2009 13:18 UK

Bath plug, duck house or trouser press?

Are items worth more after they have been in the news? Would people pay more for Sir Peter Viggers' duck house, Chris Huhne's trouser press, Jacqui Smith's infamous 88p bath plug or David Cameron's bike?

Giles Dilnot spoke to auctioneer Mark Stacey on how to make money, and the short shelf-life of items that have made the headlines.

The Daily Politics asked its web-site readers to vote for what they thought would be most valuable - as we came off air on Wednesday the 131 votes were split:
47.33% for the' duck house,
26.72% for the bike,
19.08% for the bath plug
6.87% for the trouser press


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