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DP on MPs' expenses

big ben

With MPs expenses monopolising the headlines here's a quick reminder of some of the discussions we have had on the Daily Politics.

We have heard the views of a range of people - including those on the frontline - MPs.

Our latest coverage saw former Tory leader Michael Howard taking on the Daily Telegraph's political editor Andrew Porter over coverage of his expenses as they argued on the set of the Daily Politics.

Michael Howard vs Daily Telegraphs - 2 June 09

Some other recent highlights on the expenses story:

Jonathan Aitken

The former Conservative minister who served a prison term for perjury offers advice for MPs heading back to their constituencies facing anger and questions from their voters.

Bristol shopfront

Anne Alexander has been to Bristol to gauge the public mood and spoke to candidates and voters in the local elections.

Ben Page from Mori

We hear what party leaders had to say and then Ben Page from Mori talks about how the expenses row could affect the polls.

Party logos

While attention has been fixed on MPs' expenses in Westminster, the Daily Politics has been looking at what the UK's Euro MP has been claiming.

Lord Baker

Anita Anand explains the latest revelations before Lord Baker - the former Home Secretary Ken Baker - explains what MPs used to be able to claim when he served in the House of Commons.

Comedian Mark Thomas

Pressure is being piled onto the Speaker Michael Martin over his role in the expenses debacle from MPs and now from comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas.

Caroline Flint

Europe Minister on Labour MP Elliot Morley's claims.

Andrew MacKay

Tory MP Andrew MacKay apologises for his "excessive" claims.

howard livingstone baker

Norman Baker MP, Michael Howard MP and Ken Livingstone discuss.

norman baker

Norman Baker MP discusses the Speaker and his colleagues' claims.

Michael Martin

Douglas Carswell MP and Nick Robinson discuss.

norman tebbit

Lord Tebbit on his anger over revelations of MPs claims.

michael ancram graphic

Anita looks at what has been claimed. Douglas Hogg and Michael Ancram respond to accusations.

Big Ben

Telegraph's Andrew Porter, broadcaster Rod Liddle and MPs Theresa May, Chris Huhne and John Mann.

liddle and may

Theresa May MP and broadcaster Rod Liddle discuss Tory expenses.

Gravy train

Labour's Sir Stuart Bell MP and the Observer's Nick Cohen look at ministers' expense claims.

MP Ben Wallace's expenses

Labour's Chris Mullen MP and Tory Nadine Dorries MP ahead of vote on MPs' expenses.

Ben Wallace MP

Tory MP on why his expenses are transparent

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