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Questions and answers on the Daily Politics

When is the programme broadcast?

The Daily Politics goes out most weekdays from 1200 to 1300 - with a longer show on Wednesdays from 1130 to 1300 as we cover Prime Minister's Questions on BBC Two. The shows are relayed live on the live BBC iplayer website if you are away from a TV.

Where is the programme broadcast from?

We come from the BBC Westminster studio - also the home of This Week on BBC One, Westminster Hour on Radio Four, and many programmes on BBC Parliament, plus news correspondents you see on the bulletins and BBC News Channel, as well as the politics pages of the BBC News website.

How long has the Daily Politics been running?

The Daily Politics programme started in 2003, the Sunday Politics in January 2012.

What if I miss the live show?

We are repeated at midnight on BBC Parliament, which is broadcast on most digital platforms, eg channel 81 on Freeview. But you can also watch the show in full on iPlayer for seven days, and the highlights are on our website.

You are not on every day?

Our schedule largely matches that of Parliament - very occasionally we are not on to make way for live sports coverage.

But you are not on every day all over the UK?

Viewers in some parts of the UK - especially Wales on Wednesdays and Scotland on Thursdays - sometimes have their own show which replaces the Daily Politics. Our show can be seen by choosing another variation of BBC Two if you have digital satellite, or catching the whole show later on the iPlayer.

Can I watch the programme when I am not in the UK ?

The iplayer is only available in the UK, but our clips that are used on the BBC Politics index can be seen without restrictions.

Do you provide transcripts?

We do not have the resources to transcribe our programmes, but UK viewers can watch the whole show again for seven days after transmission on the iPlayer. Selected clips are on the BBC website which do not expire and are available internationally.

I really really want a Daily Politics mug - where can i get one?

We get dozens of letters each month from people asking, or begging, or even offering to buy the coveted Daily Politics mug, but they are only available to those who win our Guess the Year contest which goes out most Wednesdays ahead of PMQs. Save your stamps and enter Guess the Year instead!

How do I know what's coming up on the show?

Details keep changing right up until we are on-air, but we try and keep you up to date though our Facebook and twitter pages.

Who presents the show?

Jo Coburn presents Mondays to Thursdays, Andrew Neil on Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays and Sundays.

I missed an interview - can I see it again?

You can try the search box on on the BBC website by adding the words Daily Politics or Sunday Politics to key search terms. These links should work indefinitely and can be seen internationally.

How do i get a job - or work experience - with you?

All applications must come through the BBC jobs website.

How do I make a complaint about the Daily Politics?

Details of making a complaint by phone or letter or online about any BBC show are here:

What happens to the emails that viewers send in?

We receive several hundred emails a week, more than half of them on a Wednesday around PMQs, and we try and read out a few on the programme, but clearly cannot read them all out. If you wants to share your comments on the show then post them on our Facebook sites or send us a tweet using either the #bbcdp or #bbcsp hashtags.

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