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Voters put the blame on PM

Gordon Brown
A third of people do not blame the PM for financial problems

Nearly two thirds of people think Gordon Brown is to blame for the economic crisis, a poll for BBC2's Daily Politics suggests.

Some 33% of those polled said they blame the PM "a lot", another 31% say he is "a little" at fault, but 30% do not blame him at all.

Pollsters ComRes spoke to 1,004 voters on 28 and 29 January.

Older people were more likely to be critical of the PM's handling of the economy, the poll found.

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The survey found some 40% of 55-64 year olds and 43% of people over 65 agreed with the statement.

Some 60% of those questioned disagreed with the statement that "the government is right to increase borrowing by billions to boost the economy even if it means future tax rises".

Guests debate the findings of the Daily Politics poll

A third (33%) of people agreed with the statement.

When asked in the poll who people trusted most to steer Britain's economy through the current downturn:

- 32% said Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling;
- 23% said David Cameron and George Osborne;
- 4% said Nick Clegg and Vince Cable;
- 35% of people said they did not know;
- 6% refused to answer.

Full Results:

Putting your party allegiance aside, who do you trust most to steer Britain's economy through the current downturn? (24 November 2008 figures in brackets)

- Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling 32% (47%)
- David Cameron and George Osborne 23% (28%)
- Nick Clegg and Vince Cable 4% (4%)
- Don't know or wouldn't say 41% (21%)

How much do you blame Gordon Brown for the current economic crisis?

- A lot 33%
- A lttle 31%
- Not at all 30%

3) Do what extent do you agree of disagree with the following statement?

The Government is right to increase borrowing by billions to boost the economy even if it means future tax rises.

- Agree 33%
- Disagree 60%

The poll results were first revealed on the Daily Politics on Friday.

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