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Every Wednesday, The Daily Politics invites a celebrity to get on their soap box on an issue they feel passionately about. Here are some of the films our stars have made:

Ross Clark

The cost of housing in Britain has led to millions of young people priced-out of buying a home of their own with millions more hoping prices remain high to prevent a slide into negative equity.

Peter Tatchell

Videos have appeared on the internet showing women, gay people and others in the London borough of Tower Hamlets being subjected to abuse and told to get out of "Muslim areas".

Wayne Hemingway in BBC newsroom

Broadcasters should look for more good news, rather than the disasters and grim happenings that lead TV bulletins, says designer Wayne Hemingway.

Lord Saatchi

Lord Saatchi - best known as an advertising guru - is introducing a bill aiming to help find a cure for cancer 18 months after he lost his wife to a rare form of the disease.

Geoffrey Palmer

Actor Geoffrey Palmer claimed the HS2 rail line that would pass his home in the Chilterns would be the most expensive railway in the world, equivalent to the cost of 60 hospitals.

Martin Narey

Former civil servant Martin Narey reckons MPs should be paid more money despite the revelations which saw some in court over their expenses.

Simon Callow

Actor Simon Callow explains why he backs the prime minister on gay marriage and how it would "set its seal" on his love for his partner.

Martin Lewis Christmas shopping

Consumer finance expert Martin Lewis makes a plea to save the pennies and shorten the present list.

Katie Hopkins

Former TV Apprentice Katie Hopkins believes people who eat, drink and smoke more than is good for them should pay more towards the NHS health care they need, as she calls for additional payments for some health services.

Dwayne Fields

Londoner Dwayne Fields, who has walked to the north pole and plans to venture to the south pole in a few weeks, hopes his fame could encourage other black people to explore the British countryside.

Colin Crooks

One solution to unemployment is "real work and real training" says the social entrepreneur and author Colin Crooks, who gives his views on how to get young people back to work.

Colin Smith

The chairman of the Poundland chain of shops claimed some young people lack the "basic but crucial life skills" for work, and business leaders must play their part in helping them.

Pete Waterman

The HS2 rail line will end the 'north-south divide' in Britain, claims rail enthusiast Pete Waterman as he recalls how a previous upgrade made it possible for him to get from the Midlands to London in less than an hour.

George Monbiot

The environmentalist and author George Monbiot, who went to a private school, put the case for closing them down.

Robert Skidelsky

Economist Robert Skidelsky looks at John Maynard Keynes' predictions, what people want today and finds a society "obsessed with consumption"

Baroness Newlove

Baroness Newlove in one of the neighbourhoods where she has been trying to tackle anti-social behaviour through community action.

Alex Reid

Big businesses should sponsor compulsory school meals, and packed lunches should be banned, says the former cage fighter and Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid.

Louise Mensch MP

With many daily local newspapers turning into weeklies, Louise Mensch MP climbs on the Daily Politics soapbox to argue for state subsidies to keep the regional press rolling.

Mike Rayner

A University of Oxford director is calling for a "fat tax" to get the British eating more healthily and cut back on fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps and pasties.

 Gerald Vernon-Jackson

A council leader has argued no further UK government contracts for shipbuilding should be placed in Scotland until the independence issued has been settled.

Robin Tilbrook

English Democrats leader Robin Tilbook climbs on the Daily Politics Soapbox to explain why he campaigns for England to have to have its own Parliament.

Iain Sinclair at Olympic site

The writer Iain Sinclair has spent decades documenting London and its edgelands and reckons the Olympic development in east London has ruined a "wonderful wasteland".

Anne Widdecombe

The former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe - who served as shadow home and health secretaries - reckons the better-off pensioners like her should donate their winter fuel payments from the government.

Lobbyist Mark Adams

Mark Adams spoke up for the lobbying profession, claiming they had no reason to be ashamed of their work.

Rosie Boycott

Journalist Rosie Boycott called for a reform of social care for older adults as she explained what happened when her father developed dementia and ended up going into a home.

Jim Al-Khalili

The scientist, author and broadcaster Prof Jim Al-Khalili says "we have to change our views on nuclear power" as he addressed concerns after the Fukushima plant leak in Japan.

Charlie Mullins

The owner of a London plumbing firm explains why he thinks the 50p top tax rate is hurting British businesses.

Ben Cohen

Former England rugby international Ben Cohen explains why he stands up against bullying and homophobia.

Danny Dorling

Author Danny Dorling claims the British people need to learn the lessons of the 1930s and do something about the growing gap between the super rich and everyone else.

Sam Fox

Even though it's illegal, the trade in tiger parts is still taking place all over the world and Sam Fox wants this practice to end.

John Monks

Britain should consider joining the euro currency, despite the state of the eurozone says John Monks, the former general secretary of the TUC.

Sir Christopher Meyer

Former Press Complaints Commission chairman Sir Christopher Meyer claims the phone-hacking allegations could see the end of the regulatory body.

A cow

NFU vice president Gwyn Jones explains why he believes the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is needed to keep Britain farming.

Patrick O'Flynn

Patrick O'Flynn of the Express traces the history of the Human Rights Act back to Winston Churchill but explains why he wants it to go.

Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair, TaxPayers' Alliance director and author of a book on green taxes gives his take on rising energy costs and what he thinks we can and cannot afford.

Baroness Valentine

Baroness Valentine - who speaks for London First - puts the case for further expansion at London's airports.

PY Gerbeau

The businessman who helped make the Millennium Dome what it was, offers a French view on the wave of industrial action on this side of the Channel.

David Rowntree

David Rowntree - drummer in the band Blur, now turned Labour activist and trainee solicitor - predicted the return of the cardboard city, with people living in boxes on the streets.

Tracey Crouch

Tracey Crouch has been booted off the Parliamentary football team, because she is a woman, but the MP claimed girls and women should be encouraged to play the national sport.

Ed Howker

Author Ed Howker says the taxpayer is already paying too much to subsidise the over-60s with bus passes, winter fuel payments and free eyes tests.

Lord Dannatt

The former head of the British army appeals to politicians to "move to the moral high ground" and raise spending on international aid once the current economic problems are over.

Daniel Hannan

The Conservative MEP, Daniel Hannan says the UK should wake up to how much it is paying to support the euro currency and EU countries struggling with debt.

John Moulton

Venture capitalist John Moulton says economic cuts should be deeper and go further to help the UK economy.

Chip the dog in Westminster

Barring blind people with guide dogs from restaurants should be against the law argues Talksport political journalist, Sean Dilley.

MG Harris

Children's author and school governor MG Harris argues the planned English Baccalaureate, with its focus on core subjects, risks marginalising less academic pupils.

Kriss Akabusi

Former Olympic athlete Kriss Akabusi, who grew up in care, wants the government to do to more to help teenagers in care.

Johnny Ball

TV presenter Johnny Ball is known for his grasp of maths but reckons arguments from climate change campaigners don't add up.

Saira Khan

Broadcaster and entrepreneur Saira Khan headed to David Cameron's Oxfordshire seat in Witney to give her take on the so-called Big Society.

Toyah Willcox

The singer-turned-presenter Toyah Willcox explains how she has suffered ageism and sexism throughout her career.

Kate Mosse

Author Kate Mosse explains the day of action to send a message to politicians about the campaigns to save library services.

Pete Waterman

Music man Peter Waterman explains how he struggles to get apprentices who can properly work at his heritage railways business.

Neil Fox at the wheel

Radio DJ Neil Fox (aka Dr Fox) thinks it is time the government delivered on its pledge to end the war on motorists.

Bill Oddie

Wildlife presenter Bill Oddie gives his take against farming methods which are popular in the US and there are plans to bring them to the UK.

Peter Preston

Former Guardian editor Peter Preston thinks we need a bit of political bravery and admit we can no longer fund the Falkland Islands.

Toby Ord

Oxford academic Toby Ord gives everything he earns - above £18,000 - to charities in developing countries and he thinks more of us should consider giving 10% of our income to good causes.

David Harewood

Actor David Harewood - famed for TV roles seeing him as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela on TV plus roles in Robin Hood and Doctor Who - says money must keep flowing to the world's poorest people to help them fight the effects of climate change.

Darren Campbell

Olympic athlete Darren Campbell - who brought a gold medal back from the Athens games and a silver from Sydney - says the coalition government should re-think its plans to cut sport funding in English schools.

Katharine Birbalsingh

Katharine Birbalsingh was a deputy head in an inner city London school but everything changed at the Conservative Party Conference where she received a standing ovation following her speech on a "culture of excuses" in state education.

Lord Sainsbury

Lord Sainsbury says it is time for a new debate on GM foods as he thinks they will help feed the world population estimated to reach 9bn by 2050.

Greg Philo

A one-off tax on the rich in Britain should save the need for planned cuts in the economy, says Greg Philo

Brian Swewll

Art critic Brian Sewell wants to replace the Arts Council with Dragons Den-style funding bids.

Warren Mitchell

Warren Mitchell is unimpressed with all of the Labour Party leadership contenders and thinks acting leader Harriet Harman should carry on in the role.

John Bird

Big Issue founder John Bird makes an appeal for David Cameron to "get radical" about benefits, saying recipients should help in the community by working with young people and the disabled.

Gery Robinson

Sir Gerry Robinson says it is wrong for the government to ringfence NHS spending and claims there is room to make cuts.

Steven Mackintosh

Actor Steven Mackintosh appeals to the coalition government not to make cuts in the care of vulnerable children.

Pam Ferris

Actor Pam Ferris - of Darling Buds of May and Little Dorrit fame - explains the isolation suffered by carers, and calls on the new government to provide respite cover and financial support for volunteers.

Simon Reeve

Documentary-maker Simon Reeve talks of an "environmental emergency" and "international scandal" with plastic polluting oceans and beaches - as he calls for action to clean up the debris.


Queen guitarist Brian May on how saving foxes and badgers made him change his vote at the general election.

Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson, the author of children's books such as the Gruffalo and the Snail and the Whale, speaks out against schools testing children at too young an age.

Michael Morpurgo

Former children's laureate Michael Morpurgo stands outside the Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire to give his views on how child asylum seekers are treated in the UK.

Hugh Cornwell

Hugh Cornwell, best known for his days with punk group The Stranglers, thinks sharing his music with the digital downloaders can be a good thing.

Sue Townsend

On the eve of World Kidney Day, Adrian Mole Author Sue Townsend - who underwent a kidney transplant operation last year - is appealing for people to come forward as altruistic donors.

Steve Harley

Singer-songwriter Steve Harley claims not to be a grumpy old man, but does have issues with modern technology.

Russell Grant

Astrologer Russell Grant gets starry-eyed for historic county names and boundaries as he makes a plea for reform of local government in England.

Richard Madeley

TV presenter Richard Madeley on why he thinks Tony Blair was right to go to war in Iraq.

Diana Rigg

Former Avenger and veteran actor Dame Diana Rigg with her take on the political power of celebrity when it comes to charity appeals.

Richard Dawkins

Professor Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, on the religious labels we give to children.

Dr Hilary Jones

TV doctor Hilary Jones explains his concerns about the impact of immigration on the NHS.

Brian Cox

Dr Brian Cox. a particle physicist who has worked on the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva in Switzerland, makes the case for funding in science to rise - even though the Chancellor is deciding where to make cuts to balance the books.

Brian Cox

Emmy award-winning actor Brian Cox - star of Manhunter and the Bourne films - on his fears about elitism in the UK.

Bianca Jagger

Human rights activist Bianca Jagger believes we are on the brink of environmental disaster - and that climate change is a clear and present danger, as she looks back over the Cumbrian floods.

Konnie Huq

Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq says youths know plenty about celebrities, and they should be 'actively encouraged' to show an interest in politics.

Ben Miller

Comedian Ben Miller gives his take on censorship in a world of PC rules, and just what is offensive. And he offers thoughts on Jeremy Paxman in fishnets and suspenders, Top Gear and Songs of Praise.

Camilla Dallerup

The winner of last year's Strictly Come Dancing, Camilla Dallerup, on the calls for micro-chipping of all dogs as a way of helping return strays to their owners and tracing those who have abused their animals.

Arlene Phillips

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips gives her take on why we should all be dancing.

Hardeep Singh Kohli

The writer, broadcaster and comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli says there is no need to reform the House of Lords, making a plea to leave it alone and speaking up for the work it does.

Bruce Jones

Actor Bruce Jones, better known as Coronation Street's Les Battersby-Brown, slept rough for ten days and nights last winter.

Ben Fogle

TV adventurer Ben Fogle who has just recovered from a flesh eating disease he caught in Peru on how exotic diseases could be coming to our shores.

Greta Scacchi

Actress Greta Scacchi makes a plea for changing fishing techniques claiming there will be nothing but "jellyfish and worms" if no action is taken.

Anneka Rice

Anneka Rice on how she gave up a high-earning job to raise a family as she examines the role of women.

Nicholas Parsons

The Francophile TV and radio host Nicholas Parsons looks at British-French relations, especially in light of the Queen's invite - or lack of - for Sunday's D-Day commemorations of the Normandy Landings.

William G Stewart

Broadcaster William G Stewart puts the case against putting a block on a rise in the TV licence, but adds he has concerns over who pays it and the overall cost of collecting the money.

Antony Worrall Thompson

Antony Worrall Thompson thinks outer-London MPs should be housed in a grand apartment block and controversially proposes that all MPs should be 'paid royally'.

tom conti

Actor Tom Conti tells the Daily Politics why taxing and borrowing is not the best way out of recession.

levi roots

The man who charmed the Dragons in their Den with his Reggae Reggae Sauce gives us his plan for small businesses.

Christopher Biggins

Christopher Biggins has just returned from Calcutta and he thinks we can all do our bit as individuals to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Matthew Wright

TV presenter Matthew Wright says his life has been made a "living hell" by a planning dispute.

Kelly Holmes

With the London games just three years away Olympic legend Dame Kelly Holmes thinks Britain needs do to more to support sport at grass roots level.

Patrick Moore

Astronomer Patrick Moore who campaigned against fox hunting explains why he thinks the ban introduced in 2004 is failing to stop the practice.

Geoff Thomas

Former England footballer Geoff Thomas tells the government to do more to get drugs for blood cancer into the market

Peter Stringfellow

Peter Stringfellow suggests it's time to remove benefits from young parents.

Barry McGuigan

Former Boxing champ Barry McGuigan talks about the lack of of integrated schools in Northern Ireland

June Sarpong

TV presenter June Sarpong draws on the importance of lessons for young people in the UK

Frederick Forsyth

Best-selling author Freddie Forsyth on why he thinks the banks are to blame for our economic problems.

Rory Bremner

Rory Bremner's call for the well-off to pay their taxes early

Rob Liddle

Commentator Rod Liddle, who is sceptical about global warming, thinks we are only able to worry about one great crisis at a time.

anne diamond

The radio and TV presenter on why government should take a bigger role in helping people get fit.

leslie phillips

The Carry On star on why the government needs to take action against reckless cyclists.

raza jaffrey

The Spooks actor on how he thinks we can encourage young people to be interested in politics.

louis de bernieres

The author of Captain Corelli's Mandolin gives his take on prostitution.

dominic west

Actor Dominic West, who played Oliver Cromwell in a Channel 4 drama, on why we should not forget our radical past.

james caan

Dragon's Den star says British businesses are too dependent on the US.

jerry springer

The Talkshow host tells the Daily Politics that the so-called "broken society" gives us plenty to celebrate.

linda robson

The actress talks about why stop and search is necessary.

aggie mackenzie

The broadcaster airs her support for a Big Brother database.

piers morgan

The irrepressible 'Britain's Got Talent' judge goes green.

Dylan Jones looks back at the Tories' year

The GQ Editor looks at Tory leader David Cameron's year.

pete waterman

The pop producer looks at Gordon Brown's year at conference time.

Nicholas Parsons

The Just a Minute host looks back at the Lib Dems' year.

Robin Gibb

The Bee Gee discusses his campaign to honour members of the WWII RAF Bomber Command.

Richard Branson on Heathrow's possible third runway

Richard Branson tells the Daily Politics why a third runway at Heathrow airport is essential.

Paul Heaton

Beautiful South singer, Paul Heaton, explains his opposition to faith schools.

Roger Lloyd Pack

Actor Roger Lloyd Pack calls for a reassessment of the way we think about rail travel.

Steve Punt

Comedian Steve Punt tells the Daily Politics he is baffled by all the choices he has to make.

Johnny Borrell on climate change

Razorlight's Johnny Borrell tells the Daily Politics why he cares passionately about climate change.

Rhona Cameron

Comedienne Rhona Cameron talks about being bullied and why she wants it stamped out.

Tony Hadley

Spandeau Ballet front-man, Tony Hadley, goes back to Islington, where he grew up, to look at truancy.

stirling moss

Legendary racing driver Sir Stirling Moss on why he's been forced out from behind the wheel.

maryam d'abo

Former Bond girl Maryam D'Abo calls for more funding and tax breaks for British films.

ranulph fiennes

Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes calls for better welfare and healthcare for ex-servicemen.

damian lewis

Hollywood star Damian Lewis calls for worldwide free access to water.

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