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Spot the plumber (and the MPs!)

Spot The Plumber
Three MPs and one genuine plumber
UPDATED with the winners

On The Daily Politics, we've been discussing the latest piece of Westminster tittle-tattle, where supermodel Kate Moss apparently may have mistaken Conservative leader David Cameron for a plumber.

Avid viewer Harry Briggs has kindly emailed us an image of his father, saying "this is my dad, a plumber of 40+ years!"

We're using the photo as part of a [sadly prize-free] competition to see whether you - unlike Ms Moss - can tell a politician from a plumber. All we ask is that you look at the image on the right and tell us which of the beaming faces is Harry's Dad's!

Which is Harry's dad?

The other three are UK members of parliament. Not only does each of them, like the leader of the opposition, look as though he might possibly be a plumber - they all also have a connection to plumbing.

You may need to place your Cryptic Crossword hat on your head to discern the connections!

Answers and winners

The answer was Number Two. The others are, in order, the SNP's Stewart Hosie ("hose" being the connection to plumbing); Don Foster (the MP for, of course, Bath) and Portsmouth South's Michael Hancock (you're right ahead of us).

We're disappointed to say that only five of you gave us the correct answer to this quiz. On a day when England and Scotland have dropped down the literacy table, this is a cause for grave concern.

Nonetheless, we promised to put the names of those who succeeded on this website, and so here they are: Ian Moore ("Is Number 2 Harry's dad or am I as dim as Kate Moss?"); Apostolos from Greece ("In my opinion #2 has a more convincing smile than the rest, I suppose that he is the plumber"); Beth Duckworth ("Do all the others have surnames that contain 'plumber-words' or do they all smoke a pipe?"), David Rowe and, finally, Keith Cooper.

Finally, Allen from Eastcote appended these bon mots to his guess:

What's the difference between a politician and a plumber?

One gives you an estimate for the cost of performing a task, then charges you 4 times as much, tells you a bunch of lies in order to rob you blind and disappears when the whole thing goes wrong...

The other is a plumber.

Thanks for entering, and be sure to tune back for a similar competition the next time a supermodel makes a political gaffe.

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