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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 October 2007, 13:49 GMT 14:49 UK
Conference Interviews 2007 - Conservatives

Jenny and Andrew put the big questions to the big names

We've got Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool covered, as well as our usual beat in Westminster.

Wherever the politicians are, Andrew Neil and/or Jenny Scott will be ready. You can see their interviews on BBC2 at lunchtimes and in the evenings, and there's an archive below.

Conservatives, Day Three

George Osborne

Andrew talks to the shadow chancellor George Osborne and asks him who he had in mind when he decried his party's über-modernisers and, when he said he was arguing for a more balanced approach, who he was arguing with.

They also discuss who will benefit from the Tories' new policies and whether the Conservatives' economic plan is now to the left of the German social democrats'.

Conservatives, Day Three

Chris Grayling

The shadow work and pensions secretary Chris Grayling steps in to talk to us about Tory policies after shadow home secretary David Davis pulls out of his interview at the last moment.

Mr Grayling - who chaired the conference debate entitled Fixing Our Broken Society - talks to Andrew about the findings of David Freud's report on welfare reforms and the emphasis - or otherwise - given to "tough love" welfare at this year's conference.

Conservatives, Day Two

David Willets

For our extended evening coverage, Andrew talks to the Tory education spokesman David Willetts.

He began by asking him whether, in the event of the Tories losing the next election, he would get the blame for his speech on grammar schools.

They also discuss why a majority even of Tory voters think that Gordon Brown would do better in a crisis than David Cameron.

Conservatives, Day Two

William Hague

Andrew talks to the shadow foreign secretary William Hague following his conference speech.

They begin by talking about legal bars on treaties transferring competencies to Europe.

They also discuss the bigger issue of whether to stay in the EU, then move onto the Middle East.

Andrew asks who the "many friendly Muslim nations in the Middle East" referred to by Mr Hague, following up by asking "Do you want to cosy up to some of the most evil regimes in the world?".

Mr Hague answers questions on whether Mrs Thatcher will be appearing as a symbol of party unity - and indeed whether she has been invited to conference.

With the bookies giving 3:1 on William Hague becoming the next Tory leader, Andrew asks whether that bet is worth a flutter.

Conservatives, Day One

Michael Gove

Andrew talks to the Shadow Schools Secretary Michael Gove as part of our special extra evening coverage of the party conferences.

He begins by asking him why he made so much of his humble background, but omitted to mention that he attended an elite fee-paying school.

Andrew asks why selection by ability should be wrong but election by wealth should be acceptable.

They also discuss whether Tory education plans are an attempt to replicate in the UK what has happened in Sweden.

Conservatives, Day One

David Cameron

Andrew Neil interviews the Conservative leader David Cameron, with a focus on "tough love" welfare reform.

They begin by discussing whether social mobility has gone into decline under Labour.

Andrew asks whether Mr Cameron regrets calling supporters of grammar schools "delusional"; they discuss Tory plans for tax credits for couples and the multiple jobs done by Conservative front benchers.

At the end, Andrew asks Mr Cameron whether he would like to take a flutter on William Hague being the next Tory leader.

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