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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 September 2007, 13:13 GMT 14:13 UK
Conference Interviews 2007 - Labour

Jenny and Andrew put the big questions to the big names

We've got Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool covered, as well as our usual beat in Westminster.

Wherever the politicians are, Andrew Neil and/or Jenny Scott will be ready. You can see their interviews on BBC2 at lunchtimes and in the evenings, and there's an archive below.

Hazel Blears
Labour, Day Four

Hazel Blears

Andrew interviews the Communities and Local Government Secretary Hazel Blears on the final day of the Labour Conference 2007.

He begins by asking her whether she would like to take back her attack on Boris Johnson as an "upper-class twit".

They go on to discuss the Labour party's recruitment of election campaigners.

Andrew also uses the metaphor of a large cookie jar to ask about Tory policies that have been adopted by Labour.

Ed Balls
Labour, Day Three

Ed Balls

Andrew talks to the schools and children secretary Ed Balls as part of our special evening coverage, asking him why it was that after ten years of "education, education, education" and a doubling of the education budget, only 44% of 16 year olds get five decent GCSEs.

They discuss the statistics on the education of children on free school meals, average class sizes and the qualifications (or otherwise) of mathematics teachers.

Andrew also asks why the number of private school pupils fell in the Major years and then rose under New Labour.

Tessa Jowell
Labour, Day Three

Tessa Jowell and Andrew Neil

Andrew interviews Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell after hearing her speak to conference and asks her how tempting it must be for Labour to call an early election.

He also puts the question: "Why do you keep stealing Tory policies?" and asks why the former leader Tony Blair has not been praised in any of the speeches from the podium.

John Hutton
Labour, Day Two

John Hutton

As part of our special evening programme, Andrew interviews Trade and Industry Secretary John Hutton after his speech to conference.

He begins by asking him why, with over 5m people of working age living on benefits, the staff of the bars, hotels and restaurants in Bournemouth all have foreign accents.

Andrew also asks why there have been fewer than 12 convictions of employers for taking on illegal immigrants.

They also discuss the proposed Severn Barrage and what it might be like as an über-Blairite in a Brown cabinet.

Andy Burnham
Labour, Day Two

Andy Burnham

Andrew talks with money man Andy Burnham, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

They begin by discussing how the council tax rebate for servicemen will be funded.

Andrew also asks whether Northern Rock should be paying an interim dividend to its shareholders and how that fits with Gordon Brown's pronouncement yesterday that "company boards have obligations to the rest of society".

They also discuss borrowing levels, whether the health service needs a 4.4%/yr funding increase and look forward to the Daily Politics live coverage of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Jacqui Smith
Labour, Day One

Jacqui Smith

Following Mr Brown's leader's speech to conference, Andrew catches up with the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith as part of our special evening coverage.

He begins by asking her why, if Labour has been tough on crime and its causes, there are still proportionately more crimes in England and Wales than in any other major European countries bar Sweden.

They also discuss acquisitive crime, its relationship with drug use and the effect of treatment programmes.

Finally, Andrew asks about the EU directive signed by the government which prevents the deportation of some foreign criminals.

Ed Miliband
Labour, Day One

Ed Miliband

Andrew Neil interviews Cabinet Office minister Ed Miliband following Gordon Brown's leader's speech.

Andrew asks why, since Mr Brown spoke so much about opportunity, he has not done more to tackle inequality as Chancellor over the last decade.

They also discuss whether Mr Brown's pledge to deport newcomers charged with gun and drug offences chimes with European directives.

Alastair Campbell
Labour, Day One

Alastair Campbell

Andrew talks to Tony Blair's former spin doctor Alastair Campbell in anticipation of Gordon Brown's first speech as leader to the Labour conference.

They discuss how things have changed for a party that has got used to hearing a conference speech from Mr Blair as well as one from Mr Brown.

The video also includes footage of the Bournemouth conference preparing for the leader's speech.

Neil Kinnock
Labour, Day One

Neil Kinnock

Our first interview from the Labour conference in Bournemouth sees Andrew talking with friend of The Daily Politics, former Labour leader Neil Kinnock.

They discuss the pros and cons for Gordon Brown of calling an early election, the importance of the EU constitutional treaty and the paper Andrew refers to as Mr Kinnock's favourite, The Sun.

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