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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 September 2006, 09:01 GMT 10:01 UK
Perception Panel: Menzies Campbell
Daily Politics Perception Panel

The Perception Panel measures how you the viewers react to the big conference speeches - in real time! We're the first TV programme in the world to do this, and we want you to get involved: call 0800 666 808 for more details, or read on...

We've brought back the Perception Panel that proved popular during last year's conference and PMQs - so popular, in fact, that you pushed the system to its very limits - and then some!

This year, we're ready for you, and we're interested in how you're responding to three of the men who would be PM - and the one who is.

The speeches in question are Menzies Campbell's (Sept 21st), Gordon Brown's (Sept 25th), Tony Blair's (Sept 26th) and David Cameron's (Oct 4th).

From the comfort of your armchair you can tell us whether you're loving or hating what the big guns are saying -- as they're saying it.

How does it work?

About ten minutes before the speech, we'll ask you to use your landline telephone to ring the freephone number 0800 666 808. Then Jenny will ask you a few questions - but she'll go easier on you than she does on our guests!

Which buttons do I press?
Daily Politics Perception Panel
If you like what's said: 5
If you dislike what's said: 8
You tell us a little bit about yourself and then stay on the line. While you watch the speeches, you push numbers on your telephone keypad to tell us if you're feeling negative or positive about what is being said.

We then frantically crunch the numbers and before the end of the programme, our snazzy graphs show what you made of the exchange.

Menzies Campbell
Thursday September 21st: Sir Menzies Campbell

You jammed the phones for our first Perception Panel, giving your responses to Sir Menzies Campbell's speech to conference.

There's been a lot of whispering about style, but overall the Lib Dem leader convinced you the viewer that he's ready to take on the two main parties.

We also looked for some of the most dramatic and striking reactions throughout the speech.

Daily Politics Perception Panel
Pockets of the poor

Unsurprisingly, taxation was a key theme, and we were interested in your responses to the following passage.

We Liberal Democrats are different. Here is exactly what we'll do.

We will cut national income tax for 28 million working people.

We'll abolish the 10 pence starting rate. We'll cut the basic rate from 22 pence to 20. We'll raise the top rate threshold from 38,000 to 50,000

We'll take over two million of our lowest earners out of income tax altogether. More than two million people. Think about it. Money back in the pockets of the poorest working families.

Sir Menzies' proposed reforms of the tax system got broad support from the Lib Dem voters among you - but got even greater approval from the Labour voters.

Daily Politics Perception Panel
Green taxes

Another key issue has been the environment, with all the parties attempting to steal a lead on green issues. Here's another part of the speech we analysed.

Those who can afford to make a greater contribution should do so.

And we will raise environmental taxes too. All of us should pay tax on the pollution we cause.

When Sir Menzies talked about green taxes, it played significantly better with younger and middle -aged voters than it did with the over-65s.

Daily Politics Perception Panel
Looking the other way

The speech also dealt with foreign policy. We noticed an enormous contrast here on gender lines in one of the more poignant passages, when Sir Menzies talked about Darfur and Rwanda.

Hundreds of thousands dead - millions displaced - desperate for aid and in fear for their lives.

You remember, in Rwanda the world looked the other way. It must not do so again. Britain must not do so again.

Male voters were not particularly interested, but women were especially impressed by this aspect of Lib Dem policy.

Stay in touch

Be ready on Monday 25th to dial 0800 666 808 and tell us what you make of Gordon Brown's speech.

If you have anything to tell us about the Perception Panel, or any other aspect of The Daily Politics, please do email us at daily.politics@bbc.co.uk or use the form below.

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