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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 February 2006, 14:21 GMT
The Lib Dem Leadership Race

The Lib Dem candidates have sixty seconds each to make a case for the leadership.

The Daily Politics asked each of the Lib Dem leadership candidates to prepare a Minute Manifesto: sixty seconds to set out their pitch, before a live session in the studio answering questions from Andrew, Jenny and viewers' emails.

You can see the would-be leaders debating by following the video link above right, or read the content of each Minute Manifesto below.

Sir Menzies Campbell

It's essential that we take this once in a lifetime political opportunity.
Sir Menzies Campbell
Charles Kennedy's legacy to the Liberal Democrats was the best result for a third party since the early 1920s.

It's essential that we take the once in a lifetime political opportunity which this legacy offers us. I have the energy, I have the values and I believe over issues like Iraq, I have demonstrated the judgement.

What our party needs is a sense of unity, purpose and professionalism.

Simon Hughes

I want us to be passionate for freedom.
Simon Hughes
I want us to be passionate for freedom -- freedom for the individual, from regulation, from over-legislation, for small business people and against an oppressive state.

I want us to be passionate for fairness, for closing the gap between the rich and the poor, for making sure people get a decent start in life. I want us to be passionate for a sustainable future so that we save our planet and that we live our lives in a more sustainable way.

I want us to be passionate for democracy so that real people feel, in the future, their decisions can affect their lives.

Chris Huhne

We need a hard edge to our policy so that we can challenge.
Chris Huhne
My background in the party is very much on the bread and butter issues that determine British general elections -- health, education, the economy.

When Charles Kennedy asked me to chair the group on public services reform, I was delighted. It was meant to be very controversial. But we ended up with a credible policy which unified the party.

We need a hard edge to our policy -- for example on the environment -- so that we can challenge. When the Conservatives say that they too care about the environment, it's not just enough to say why but also to say how we are going to achieve our objectives.

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