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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 February 2006, 12:13 GMT
Tell us your Dream Guests!
Who would you like to see on The Daily Politics?

There's only one thing you like better than seeing politicians and other public figures interviewed by Andrew on The Daily Politics.

And that's sending in questions to grill them yourselves!

So far this year, The Daily Politics sofa has been graced by Simon Hughes, Michael Howard, Clare Short, Trevor Kavanagh, Menzies Campbell, Peter Tatchell, Esther Rantzen and myriad others. And that was only January.

But we'd like to know who you'd be interested in seeing, and sending your questions to.

So do feel free to email us at daily.politics@bbc.co.uk or using the form below.

Your Suggestions

  • The idea of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown sitting on the same couch and having a laugh about the state of David Cameron's Tories, the Lib Dems' woes, and of course, their own secret love affair wouldn't go amiss - the new Diane and Michael! Perhaps we should add in to this happy couple a third party - maybe George Galloway - just to sweeten things up!
    James Jacobs, UK
  • Andrew Neil is by far the best political commentator on television. I would like to see him given time to subject cabinet ministers to his distinctive form of interrogation. He must be given sufficient time to do this and there should be none of the trivialisation that sometimes creeps into the programme and detracts from main issues of the day. May I suggest Gordon Brown and John Prescott be put at the top of the list? Regrettably, I doubt that either will have the courage to make themselves available.
    Brian Tomkinson, Bolton, UK
  • I would like to see Douglas Hurd, John Major, my local MP Jonathan Djanogly, Boris Johnson, more of Claire Short and maybe a bit of George Galloway.
    Leo Hillier, Huntingdonshire UK
  • It would be good to see some academics with distinctive and challenging views on the programme - such as Ernesto Laclau and David Campbell.
    Chris Gurney, UK
  • My dream guest would be the broadcaster Mike Dickin, formerly of Radio 4, who presents a current affairs show on talkSPORT.
    David Goss, UK
  • I would love to see Lord Howe on the sofa: it would be great to hear his views on current affairs. They are always so reasoned. What a man.
    Joseph Brewer, England
  • My Dream Team would be: Tony Benn,a principled elder statesman; David Cameron, a slick operator who has turned a corner for Unionists; and finally, Dr. Richard Taylor,a quiet parlimentarian of independent persuasion. Chaired, of course, by the Paisley Pomeranian a.k.a the impressive A. Neil!
    Simon Davies, UK
  • I would like to see someone who answers the questions they are asked - that would make a pleasant change!
    Chris, UK
  • May I suggest you build a bear pit in the studio, and each week chuck in a couple of passionate politicians with opposing views and let Andrew bait them? For starters what about Norman Tebbit and Dennis Skinner?
    Garry Hey, England
  • John Major has become one of the most interesting guests any show can get: relaxed, interesting and funny.
    John Reeks, UK
  • I would like someone who can speak with authority about the Barnet Formula and the Midlothian Question.
    David Gardner, England
  • I like Garry Hey's idea of a bear pit, but would suggest Andrew be given a stick to assist and bolster his admirable baiting technique; to poke and prod when the slightest whiff of bull permeates the studio.
    Jay Jones, England
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