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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 April 2005, 17:37 GMT 18:37 UK
The Virtual Campaign: Election Bets
alan connor
All The Links That Fit

Alan Connor gives a round-up of the links mentioned on this week's The Daily Politics.

If, despite our words of caution, you can't resist entering the heady world of online gambling, the place where the political junkies meet to dissect the polls is called Political Betting.

Remember, though: the mysterious punter we referred to who'd placed a spread bet of 3,000 per seat on the Liberal Democrats is at the more speculative end of the betting markets.

And if, like me, you find the whole idea of an election gamble just too risky, it's still a great resource for all the latest polls and campaign news.

Read Alan's election coverage at the Vote 2005 site

The Election Remixed

We also talked about satirical reworkings of campaign literature. The home of the Photoshoppers has always been B3ta, to which the usual BBC disclaimer (we're not responsible for the content of other sites) applies double!

The resource which allows you to generate your own Conservative campaign poster is at a site called Kryogenix, and The Guardian's election weblog has gathered together lots of the reworkings of Ed Matts' gaffe.

On Message, Off And Back On Again


Finally, an interesting switcheroo was happening as we went to air. Iain Dale, the Conservative candidate for North Norfolk has a popular blog, which is mainly covering his constituency campaign at the moment.

Earlier this morning, it also had a spoof Tory poster, which read "I bloody love you, you're my best mate" above the slogan "Are you drinking what we're drinking?".

Not the most disloyal act in the world, but all of a sudden, the post mysteriously disappeared.

Read more about this on the Vote 2005 Weblog

Happy surfing!

And do remember, if you see anything interesting about the election online, or if you've got any emails you'd like to share with us, do email us at daily.politics@bbc.co.uk.

Alan's previous column: how to avoid spoof websites

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