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This is your chance to read some of your comments about The Andrew Marr Show.

We will post the best of your comments onto the website. However because of the high volume of correspondence we receive we will not be able to respond to your emails.

Your comments

The position of Speaker of the House should have a complete unblemished record - no other will do for this very important position. No excuses, no payback deals just squeaky clean if possible. How can they keep "ORDER" if they are tainted?
Trisha Rodgers, Spain

Why didn't Andrew Marr point out to that Lib Dem leader that Scotland has a parliament of its own, England does not. So we in England cannot bring things to a head, because we have nobody to fight our corner.
Ken Walters, England

Why is it that not a mention of 20-20 cricket is mentioned on the BBC you talk about Wimbledon and the Formula 1. We have been enthralled with the cricket but no - you tend to ignore it because maybe, there is no white team playing or because England could not qualify. Come on be fair, a comment would not hurt.
Toni Bartlett, United Kingdom

Love your show just a wee note on a lighter point I have noticed a striking resemblance between David Miliband and Kevin Maxwell, son of the late Robert Maxwell - What do you think? - Also Andy Murray is not scary just Scottish! And why are all these cheating MPs not being done for fraud their claims are getting more ridiculous by the day.
Karen Messingham, Scotland

Privatised water companies in England are using a legal loophole to profit from seizing their customers' homes. Taking into account that the water companies hold a monopoly over water supply, this practice is deeply immoral and yet the government is allowing and condoning it. I believe that this must be exposed.
Bharat Khandekar, England

Regarding the publication of MPs' expenses, to redact is to edit or arrange for publication. To apply this word to what has been done to the publication of MPs' expense claims is an incorrect use of the word. Censorship is the right and proper term.
David Dewick, England

Mr Marr, The House of Lords has not been like it is today, for hundreds of years. Since New Labour, the Lords and Ladies have been selected in return for supporting the Labour Party in some way; it is now more corrupt than it ever was before.
John, England

On The Andrew Marr show this morning, I was shocked to hear that the woman who was there to comment on the newspapers, responded to Iran's high turnout for voting, with the comment that they have their hands chopped off if they do not vote! I was wondering if she is a member of UKIP with such a racist and ignorant view. I am surprised that the BBC brought this kind of racist person on the panel.
Yadi Tarjomi, UK

They have to (vote) otherwise they get their hands chopped off or something," said Sue MacGregor on Andrew Marr's programme this morning. Shame on you, Sue MacGregor for such an ignorant comment and twice shame on you Andrew Marr for allowing such blatant nonsense to go unchallenged. Get your facts right. Deliberate planting of false information or do you not understand the harm you do by these glib comments? I thought better of you both.
Linda Jadidi, UK

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